100th Anniversary of the Titanic sinking

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To many people, this pose has become synonymous with James Cameron’s dramatization of the Titanic disaster in film, and by extension Titanic itself. The film made it so real, that I find it difficult to separate the authentic from the imagined. And I’ve been hearing that some people hadn’t even known that the film was based on history.

One hundred years ago today, the Titanic ocean liner has sunk on her maiden voyage in the Atlantic ocean, taking 1514 people down with her. For 73 years no one knew exactly where she lay, until she was found in 1985 and the world was captivated by the tragic and  hauntingly beautiful photographs of Titanic’s wreck.

One of the images from the deep, was a porcelain doll head resting on the silty bottom, lingering sadly on, while the girl who had once loved it was long gone. This image is so poignant and profound, that it inspired me to work with porcelain. I was intrigued by the longevity this material offered and was eager to create dolls that could outlast generations, underwater if necessary. In fact, seeing this photograph was so influential for me, that I have a chapter in my book dedicated to it.


The doll posing as Rose is my second rubenesque doll. Her name is Aurum, which means Gold in Latin. She is mine. And very photogenic.

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  1. Annina says:

    i was just reading that chapter in your book earlier today, and loved that that photo inspired you to work with porcelain, and i could remember it from the film in my mind also.
    i didn’t even realize that it’s the 100 year anniversary now, of the Titanic’s sinking.
    Aurum is AMAZING, and i love her name! thank you for showing her to us, i thought you might not but i’m happy you did, she is so beautiful.
    i think she goes into my top 10 favourite ED’s!!

  2. Marina says:

    Do you like the book, Annina?

  3. Nika says:

    She is so pretty ,I think this is my fav head sculpt so far ^^

  4. Glynis says:

    Oh my goodness, she is so very beautiful, how poignant that a hundred years later a little girls doll is still in the Titanic, wonder what happened to her.

  5. Annina says:

    i LOVE it Marina, i think you tied it all together so nicely with the dolls chronologically being featured and then putting the story of how you came to make dolls throughout the book, that’s quite unique. it’s fascinating to read and get to know better why you do what you do. i love all the parts about key happenings in your childhood, it conjures up this picture of a little girl who is very cunning and knows what she wants. a strong slightly wild girl. :)
    and it’s an absolute treasure with all the amazing photos of course, the very last one is my favourite (but i love them all)!
    really big kudos to you and Chad! :D
    and i have pics of my doll enjoying the book on flickr:

  6. Rux says:

    And she is very very beautiful!!! :)

  7. Annina you are so lucky to have one of her creations sitting on Marin’s book(I envy you). I should be getting my book in a few days…..you are 21 or 27?…hoping one day to also have one of her creations sitting pretty with my book in my library for no one to touch……..

    Aurum is just all that!

  8. Marilie says:

    I have not received my book yet, but I look forward to read your chapter about this picture. As a child I was pretty obsessed with the Titanic (the movie by James Cameron sort of cured me from my obsession though) and this picture with the doll face was in one of my book, it really struck my imagination. I also remember a picture with some porcelain dishes, those pictures will forever be in my mind. I think there is something fascinating and very moving about creating something that will outlive you… The fact that I’m now an archaeology student and a metalsmith is probably directly linked to that fascination…
    Oh, and Aurum is very beautiful!

  9. Annina says:

    Christiane, indeed i am aware every day how lucky i am to have my Enchanted Doll! i hope that your dream of owning one will come true!
    i’m #21. :)

  10. Hazel says:

    This makes me think about how Enchanted Dolls will outlive us all.

    Aurum is gorgeous. She looks so sweet and fragile.

  11. Thank you Annina you are to kind. I enjoyed looking at your photos of your ED……thanks for sharing


  12. Merri says:

    A few weeks ago I was contemplating the longevity of porcelain and imagining, perhaps hundreds of years from now, people wandering through a museum to gaze upon the beauty of an Enchanted Doll. In fact I made a little note in my sketchbook – Museum of the Future: Statue of David holding an ED. (In case you read this Jacci, yes I am aware that would not really be possible) :)
    Marina, I think it’s so fascinating that it was the haunting image of the little porcelain doll head that inspired your own journey.
    It’s a blessing for your fans, that it did.
    Aurum has a haunting beauty of her own. I’m not surprised that you want to keep her. I wouldn’t be able to part with her either!

  13. MollyTheWanderer says:

    I think I liker her better than the Muse. Maybe I just have a thing for brunettes.

  14. Marina will you be adding your new nude doll to the gallery?

  15. Kate says:

    Oh I can’t wait to receive my copy of the book! I keep checking every day, even though I don’t think mine has shipped yet. I’m sure some of you can relate :)

    Just as I also dream of some day adding an ED to my library bookshelves, Christiane, in a giant bell jar to keep her dust free…

    I keep thinking of my grandmother’s Madame Alexander Cinderella doll that I don’t think I ever really appreciated as a little tomboy. Just thinking that dolls used to be so humdrum and ordinary to me, and Marina’s dolls made me see them in a totally new light and also re-imagine the doll-collecting part of my grandmother’s life as well.

  16. Orangey says:

    Her curves look absolutely fixating in that first shot, what beautifully natural posing. I love her delicate fingers atop her head. This doll is so lovely, I love her wig color.

    It’s interesting to read of your inspiration from the Titanic, hopefully one day I’ll own your book and read for myself.

    That photograph of the porcelain doll is haunting.

  17. Eiko says:

    Aurum looks gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. I think she is one of my new fav. dolls. She reminds me of the browne-eyed Primavera you did for DragonSpace in 2010.

    I prefer her face over The Muse of Art Nouveau. Her face is better suited for the Rubenesque body IMO. The Muse of Art Nouveau’s face looks too childlike in some photos.

  18. Nada says:

    Legoland has a huge doll collection and they had or still have an exhibition from a sunken ship, dolls and marbles, encrusted some broken. Very impressive!
    This reminds me of it and now I imagine an Enchanted Doll found in a hundred years underwater:)

  19. Jayne says:

    II absoutely love this doll. I really like her with the dark hair. Is this the same doll as the one with the red hair?

  20. Kamila says:

    She is indeed very photogenic. I hope we will be seeing her again!

  21. Glynis says:

    Marina, can I ask, is this new shape going to be sold as nudes too?

  22. The Old Maid says:

    Aurum’s face is very very sweet.:)

  23. Line says:


    I would love to see her, when is the Flawless show in Berlin?

  24. Aeroksana says:

    She is tender perfection!

  25. Astera says:

    Ah, she is more gorgeous than I had imagined! She is the same sculpt as the first Rubenesque, but with a closed mouth, right? I definitely prefer this version and I like her sweet brown eyes very much.Truly a treasure! :)

  26. Aeroksana says:

    I remember when I first heard about this terrible tragedy, I was then a schoolgirl, I wept bitterly for several days.
    Some time ago, I heard on the radio that a radio amateur caught sos signal from the Titanic, this signal as if lost in time … This news probably was not true, but very much wounded my imagination.

  27. nune says:

    I went to the 3D movie about 2 weeks ago to watch Titanic. Can’t help to think that Rose looks like Marina so much! This is just my opinion :-)

  28. Carmen says:

    Just breathtaking, she is really such a beauty. I believe that you have captured, in your own magic way, the Rose character of the Titanic movie. The sad, beautiful woman, that is still not aware of the journey and tragic events that will come. I hope to one day be able to buy your book and read about this inspiration.

  29. Hannah says:

    Hello Marina,
    I wonder if you were making a whole family of rubenesque beauties….

  30. Hannah says:

    Oh add a doll named Jack to be her lover!

  31. I can’t contain my self anymore….I GOT MY BOOK……YA HOO…..

    Annina Im #24……..

    Sorry had to share with you all!

    Thank you Marina, I so can’t wait to have the perfect time to sit down alone and savour every word and image…….very greatfull

  32. Annina says:

    yay congrats Christiane, i’m so happy for you, and cool number, we’re almost number-neighbours! :D

  33. Marina I have a favour to ask of you. Ive never seen one of your dolls in real life, let alone hold one. On page 35 I tryed placing my hands in place of Chad (lolll) to see if this would resemble the life size of a Enchanted doll. No giggling please……is there a page where its close to real life size…….

    :D signing off as #24

  34. Marina says:


    Butterfly on page 35 is very close to actual scale.

  35. Terry says:

    I’m sure that the things of beauty you create will be treasured for generations. And well loved.

    Such a contrast to the little face lying in the depths of the cold, black Atlantic.

  36. Silvana says:

    She is so beautiful! I loved her eyes!!!

  37. eaven says:

    … jedním slovem, je to úžasné

  38. giperborea says:

    Very very beautiful! There’s one thing missing from the picture with “Rose” – a sapphire pendant. Is it intentional (as Aurum is only posing as Rose) or are you planning on making some sort of a pendant for her? Forgive my curiosity, but as soon as I read the post and saw the pic, I thought to myself that a pendant is missing)))

  39. Hannah says:

    You should try making a replica of the Heart of Ocean necklace for your Enchanted doll.

  40. SEL says:

    The image of the doll head in silt really touched me as well. The same week as this posting, I was obsessed with electric cellos and found this song/youtube vid. The video involves an anguished marionette and it affected me similarly to the silty doll head, only to music. I began to reflect on the anguish of being pulled in many directions at once, and the feel of helplessness to control one’s self or life. Its interesting that the puppeteer of a marionette is called a “manipulator”. Maybe you will have an interesting reaction to it as well.


  41. Melissa says:

    Hello Marina, I was wondering how you choose the dolls that will become part of your collection and/or which will be for sale, do you start out making her for yourself or does she evolve into just the doll you wanted?

  42. Jimena says:

    Sou fã de suas bonecas, elas são maravilhosas, sonho em um dia ter uma delas.

  43. Prachtige pop.
    Ik heb haar in een 1/12 schaal gemaakt.

    Bedankt voor je verhaal, groeten uit Nederland

  44. Simon says:

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