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First new male doll is complete, but still bald. I just assembled the male doll yesterday and took a couple of quick shots of him.
His full photoshoot is scheduled for later this week, and he’ll have his own gallery at that time.

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I’ve been overly fascinated with a certain of moth species lately. They are called “Tolype Velleda”, and are well worth a google search.

Think of them as furry little animals, with wings. I’m so fascinated with them, that they may find a way into an upcoming ball-jointed doll project.

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The first piece in the Sterling Silver line of ornate head ornaments for my nude dolls will be available for sale in the Doll accessory section of my site sometime next week. It’s a crown ornament, similar to the one Agnetha is wearing. I’m just waiting to pick it up from the foundry on Monday morning. I’m really excited to see it. For those of you who are interested in my headpieces i’ll warn you in advance-they won’t be cheap.

I gotta go and put the last coat of paint on my new guy.

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As some of you may have noticed, the new Enchanted Doll site is finally up and running and if you haven’t yet then go and check it out! There are a couple of pages here and there that are still waiting for content, but it will all be filled up by summer. I have a new system of placing orders-A doll order form. It  makes ordering a doll simple and easy.

Also, tomorrow i’ll be assembling the new double jointed male doll, so he will probably make his appearence on the site on Monday night or Tuesday, at the latest. There is also a new female face coming up in the Rose skin tone.

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My new site is near completion!!! It’s so much better than the old one in terms of the aesthetics and user friendliness.

I’m introducing more new features for my limited edition porcelain nudes: Tattoos, fired-on 24k white and yellow gold body ornament (rings, bracelets, anklets, neck pieces etc.) and silver jewelry. All of these ornaments are permanent and not removable! Even silver bracelets and anklets because they have to be put on a doll prior to assembly.

My new site will have doll accessories gallery where examples of these ornaments can seen and ordered. Custom orders for a specific design are welcome.


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Some of you guys have already seen this on flickr, but I’ve just introduced a new, rose skin tone for my dolls. So, those who prefer the more natural skin look to the stark white porcelain I usually use to cast my dolls, now have that option.
This feature comes with an extra charge though, as rose porcelain is more expensive and fickle than white. As a rule, any skin tone is always more difficult to achieve than simple white. Porcelain is a rather difficult and time consuming material to work with. Sometimes i hate it. Most of the time i love it though. I shot some pics today of a white and rose girl side by side for colour comparison. I’ll post it/them tomorrow.

I have a long day tomorrow…..I have to make 7 new molds for a double jointed male and go grocery shopping to Costco too, because i have nothing to eat in my house. I don’t know how i’m going to be able to do both, as mold-making is usually a 12 hour affair of non-stop work. No joke, i don’t have time to put my hands down from morning to at least midnight. And it’s mentally exhausting and hard on the eyes too because making a functional, multi-piece mold is such a delicate and dirty procedure. Plaster is unforgiving of any undercuts whatsoever and you have to be so careful with separation lines or the mold is ruined. On the scale that i work the margin of error is usually about 2-5 millimeters. After about 9 hours of messing around with wet clay, surgical and dental tools, water and plaster, my finger joints begin to lock up, my wrists are on fire, my finger tips are numb and my eyes are crossing over from the strain. Anyway…I think this last paragraph should have been categorized as a ‘Rant’. Oh, well.

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I just want to post that I’m working on a new double jointed male doll. Both the legs and the arms will be double jointed, allowing for the same level of articulation as the female dolls.

The target completion date for the first doll is in two weeks. I’ll have pictures posted then, so keep your eyes open for him.


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Banshe + Apple

I finished Banshe, and took some shots of her dressed as “Snow White”. You will see one such picture at the top of the site.

I was pleased with the wait the hair turned out, very nice waves.

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Working on a new site for, with lots of new galleries (which means new dolls!).

The new site will be updated a lot more frequently, and news and progress reports will be added via this blog.

Shouldn’t be too long now, just working on the write-ups for the dolls.

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Setting up a new blog, where I can share news of new dolls, doll ideas, links to inspiration, and anything else.

Feel free to comment on the blog entries, feedback is always welcome.