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I’ve been overly fascinated with a certain of moth species lately. They are called “Tolype Velleda”, and are well worth a google search.

Think of them as furry little animals, with wings. I’m so fascinated with them, that they may find a way into an upcoming ball-jointed doll project.

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The first piece in the Sterling Silver line of ornate head ornaments for my nude dolls will be available for sale in the Doll accessory section of my site sometime next week. It’s a crown ornament, similar to the one Agnetha is wearing. I’m just waiting to pick it up from the foundry on Monday morning. I’m really excited to see it. For those of you who are interested in my headpieces i’ll warn you in advance-they won’t be cheap.

I gotta go and put the last coat of paint on my new guy.

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As some of you may have noticed, the new Enchanted Doll site is finally up and running and if you haven’t yet then go and check it out! There are a couple of pages here and there that are still waiting for content, but it will all be filled up by summer. I have a new system of placing orders-A doll order form. It  makes ordering a doll simple and easy.

Also, tomorrow i’ll be assembling the new double jointed male doll, so he will probably make his appearence on the site on Monday night or Tuesday, at the latest. There is also a new female face coming up in the Rose skin tone.