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I’ve been catastrophically short on time the last 3-4 weeks.

I’m in super crunch right now with multiple deadlines converging on me and i’m finding it hard keeping my sanity. It’s almost over though. This Sunday I’m completing the shoot for Scheherezade and the other two OOAK costumed dolls i’ve been working on for Haute Doll Magazine and sending all the final materials to the editor that night.

Then maybe i’ll take a nap. Maybe.

I’ll post the sneak peak shots of the dolls on my site and here by the end of next week. I’m so excited to see this finally come together, especially since i haven’t completed many costumed dolls in the last year. The two dolls will not be seen anywhere, not even on my site until the fall issue comes out. They are being kept a secret. The third one, however might be shown on my site, but not anywhere in print for several months. Just to give you guys a taste of what’s to come because all three of them share a similar theme.

But in the future, if I don’t post for a while, it’s because i’m crazy busy working on something new which will soon debut on this blog and/or the site. So, if i’m neglecting to post for over a week-it’s a good thing that foretells progress and new dolls.

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Finally I was able to photograph two different chest pieces side by side to show the difference between them. As you can see the difference is subtle. The new one on the left is more narrow than the old one on the right and gives the doll a more slender appearence. The new one also has rounder, slightly fuller breasts than the old one and has narrower shoulders with more ‘armpit’ space for the stand. So, the two main advantages of the new chest piece are: one, clothes fit it better, especially if they are beaded because on such a small scale beads add more visual thickness to the body, and two, more space for the stand underneath the arms and increased articulation of the shoulder joint. I like it better because it makes the doll look more dainty and delicate.

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Small update.

The doll animation video has been updated to a better quality version. Still some visible compression artifacts, but at least it’s the proper ratio.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out.
The video was made a couple years ago for a project at Emily Carr, and it stars two of my early dolls.

Chad put this video up on Vimeo, which is why it says “From Chad Isley”

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Deer Girl by Natalia Pierandrei

This painting was made by a very talented Italian artist Natalia Pierandrei. According to her it was inspired by my dolls. I definitely want a print of it for my house.

It’s interesting the way Nati and I met.

Serendipity is a good way to describe it. Three or maybe four years ago i found her work by chance in a compilation book of fairy artists. I thought it was some of the most amazing contemporary art i’ve ever seen and she instantly became an inspiration of mine. I checked out her website faithfully every week and was so infatuated with her artwork that I began emulating it with my own.

Her painting had a fundamental impact on my style.

It became a part of it actually as my own artwork matured and became what it is today. I absorbed it into my bloodstream and now it lives within me and is therefore a part of every porcelain doll i make.

I wanted to write her for years and say how much she influenced the course of my genre, but i couldn’t bring myself to do it for some reason. I didn’t want to sound lame, I guess. Until one morning a couple of months ago; I was checking my email and was still half asleep when i saw this strangely familiar-looking name in my inbox. I opened the email and discovered that this person wanted to order a doll. And as i sleepily stared at the name trying to figure out how i know this person……… eyes suddenly widened in disbelief and i was instantly jerked awake by the realization of who it was that wrote this email. To me. And then i squealed with joy while biting down on my knuckles for about 5 minutes. And then bounced around my bedroom for a while. I responded to her by taking and emailing pictures of my sketch book with her prints glued in there. And we were both going:” Oh, my, God….”

Nati said that she’d been admiring my work for quite a while herself and that it actually, actually inspired her work in turn……..I couldn’t believe it. We were cross-inspiring each other’s artwork without even knowing it! Our work was already present in each other’s……styles. It just blew my mind.

We became instant friends and now we’re working on a book together. I’m hoping to visit her in Rome soon and meet her in person. I would love it if she visited me in Vancouver.

I think the reason some artwork resonates with and inspires us more than other is because on some level it was always a part of our being, but we weren’t able to consciously articulate it in our minds. Like an unspoken truth that we can’t put our fingers on, but know nevertheless. So when we find something that inspires us, it’s as if a lost piece of our soul is coming home and making us whole.

Please check out Nati’s site:

Perhaps it will have the same impact on you as it did on me.

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This is how tiny the slippers are. I just adore them. It’s been a dream of mine to make tiny, precious shoes for a doll since grade 6. I’ve been beading their shoes up to this point, but on the scale i work with, they end up looking too bulky for the doll’s feet because even the tiniest of seed beads and crystals are still disproportionately large for a 1:6 scale foot. I mean, they do the job, but i’m always trying to improve on my technique and execution and so, for the last two or so years i’ve been wanting to make slippers from a precious metal, such as gold or silver. This is the very first pair cast in Sterling. I carved them and the bracelets in jewelers wax, which was very tricky because you have to account for the shrinkage of metal during casting. So, there was quite a bit of guesswork involved into how big i should actually make them; too big and they will not look good on the foot, too small and they will not fit the foot. And you can’t exactly squeeze a porcelain foot into a metal shoe. It has to go in freely. So, I calculated the best i could and they turned out perfectly! I’ll see if i can have molds of these made for a limited edition run. Let me know if any body’s interested in having these for their Enchanted Doll. They are solid silver and won’t be cheap.

The new Scheherezade doll is wearing over 120 grams of silver on her body. She will be unveiled in the September issue of the Haute Doll Magazine along with 2 more new costumed dolls.

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Enchanted Doll Studios

This is one of my work desks. Yup, I have several. All identical. But this is the primary one.

I took this a couple of nights ago when i was in the midst of doing some metal work. I was cleaning up some new silver castings for my present one of a kind, costumed doll project. It’s near completion.

I try to keep my work area as clean as possible because physical mess on my desk actually manifests into a creative mess in my head. So, when i get frustrated over something or can’t seem to get past a certain point in a project, I usually start tiding up and rearranging my studio space to improve its efficiency. And it works like magic to refresh my head and help me problem-solve. I seem to see things more clearly and solve all my hardest creative dilemmas at a clear desk.

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I think Blythe dolls will go on the top of my “Worst Dolls Ever Made” list. I hate them. I don’t see what the big deal is. I find them rather ugly and disproportionate.

I invite Blythe lovers to sell me on these dolls. What is there to love about them?

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The doll with Gold overlay all over her body is near completion.

This is a shot of her hands and feet, with the rest of her body being decorated likewise. The only other thing this doll is wearing, is a blue veil, and an ornate headpiece set with garnets and tourmalines

I made the piece in sterling and fine silver, and just took it to get plated with 24k gold this afternoon.

Perhaps I’ll post another sneak peak later on.

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Meet the new, double-jointed male doll. His name is Lucius. He is not on the site yet because i’m still shooting him, but you can find several pictures of him on Flicr. (you can find the link on my contact page)

This doll is available to order as a nude and can be customized to the same extent as my female nudes, meaning that eye, lip, brow and hair colour can be altered. I can also give him chest and pubic hair. I think the next one i make will have just that. And freckles. And perhaps a large, monochrome chest tattoo. And a gold bracelet on the forearm…..i’m getting a little carried away.

The lighter wig is pure silk fiber. It’s very, very soft. The darker bond is Mohair. I don’t know which hair style i like best. Any preference?

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Banshee is modeling the new crown and the new print dress. The dress is in the test stage at the moment. This crown and this dress probably won’t end up in the same composition together as i plan to make a different, medieval-looking crown for the gown. It’s the new limited Edition Snow White in the works. With the the lidded coffin and apple and everything…