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Attention every one who wishes to order a doll from me: I’ve officially stopped taking orders until December 2008. I’ll make another announcement about possible available slots for that month later on in the summer. Meanwhile, if you are interested in placing an order sometime in the future, email me. As some of you know i have to get ready for my upcoming shows in Europe in late 2008 and in the States in early 2009 and I simply don’t have enough time for commissions.

However, there is a good news too. You have an opportunity to win a FREE Enchanted Doll.

On my next birthday I will be giving away one nude doll as a gift to honor the admirers of Enchanted Doll. My birthday is on March 16th, 2009 and that’s when i will announce one lucky winner. To enter a contest to win one of my dolls you will have to become a member of Enchanted Doll Forum at

All the information regarding the contest will be posted on my site and the forum by the end of July 2008.

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This is my first attempt at tattooing a porcelain doll.

I think it turned out pretty good. You can find this new girl in the Costumed Doll gallery because even though she is nude, her tattoo is her costume. The name of this project is Mermaid Song. This girl also has a new face with a new hair style, and can be ordered as a nude. When i’m taking orders that is.

What’s cool about this tattoo is that it’s an actual tattoo; the drawing is engraved into porcelain prior to firing with a fine needle as a real tattoo would be ‘engraved’ into human skin.

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Ruby and her mother-molds.

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The Villa Terrace Museum of Decorative Art

I would like to publicly announce that my first solo show is finally scheduled for April-June 2009, at the Villa Terrace Museum of Decorative Art in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

It was scheduled a little bit sooner than i expected which leaves me with less time to organize it. This directly affects my custom nude order schedule because this only gives me a one-two month window in which to take orders before i have to go full speed into show preparation mode starting January 2009.

I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I will continue to make announcements on the status of order schedule. We’ll see what happens.

As for now, i’m really excited about the show and look forward to it. There is so much work to be done yet and i will have to work harder that ever. However i don’t think that’s possible as i already work double time. It’ll be a great show!

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Marina at the Race Track

It was my boyfriend’s birthday on June 7th so I put my work away and took a day off. This is what i look like when i’m not working….sort of. Not always drinking and gambling though.

We went to the horse track not far from Down Town Vancouver, where we live, and spent the day drinking, betting on horses and chilling. It was a lot of fun, although the day was rather cold for June. That’s summer time in Vancouver for you.

In the very first race a horse went down head over hoofs along with the jockey who also got kicked in the head by the oncoming horse’s foot. He crawled off the track and collapsed on the grass face down. The horse stayed down too and within seconds the track was swarming with attendants and an ambulance. They got the horse up and it didn’t appear that it sustained serious injuries to every one’s relief, but the jockey was taken away in the ambulance. He was conscious though and waived to the crowd.

We were lucky in the first three races with our horses coming in first and second, but then we lost our winnings on the other 6. Which was fun anyway. The end.

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Dear Fans,

I’ve been wanting to announce for several days now that one of my collectors from France, Helene, has set up an Enchanted Doll forum where admirers and/or owners of my dolls can meet and interact. The Forum is fairly new and hopefully it will grow as more and more of my creations populate the world.

I’m a relatively new artist in the field and i do custom work, not mass production, so i don’t expect for ED (enchanted dolls) to flood the doll market any time soon. That’s why they are so special.

Anyway. I just want to thank Helen for loving my dolls so much as to make a forum for them. I’m honored . Again.

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This painting was done by Elizabeth Lacunza, from Spain. It was inspired by my work, i’m told. The reason i post it up here is because i’m really flattered by the fact that other artists find my work inspiring. It’s an honor. It’s a little bit surreal, actually, to see my work interpreted by another’s hand. It transcends its original purpose and meaning to become something else. But also beautiful.

I believe she is doing a series of doll-based digital paintings and look froward to seeing more of her work.

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This is the most recent magazine article from Europe that features my work. Stilus is a design magazine from Budapest, Hungary, and it showcases lots of contemporary design, fashion and art. I got 6 pages this time! I wish i knew what the text is about, but i can make a pretty good guess since it’s based on the information i had given them. Still… You can view the the article in the Artist Info section:

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I just wanted to mention that i’m still working on that best doll/worst doll list. I’m just so swamped with work that i’m still in research and writing phase on that report. And now i’m also sick on top of everything and had to spend the entire day in bed yesterday.

I’ll be posting teaser images of the new 3 dolls in my costumed dolls gallery by tomorrow.

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new nude bjd porcelain doll farah

Farah is the latest addition to my nude bjd doll line. You can find more pictures of her in her gallery.

In the shots she’s wearing some optional white gold jewelry, on her hands and her ankles. Just like my other nudes, she can be ordered with or without these accessories (along with other options not shown, tattoos, gold body ornament, eye/hair colour changes, etc).

I notice that I’m really attracted to making dark-haired dolls. I have made more black haired dolls than any other colour combined. It’s funny because I never want to dye my own hair black, as a matter of fact, in the past I’ve put blond streaks in my own hair to make it look lighter, but I’ve never considered going darker. Actually, I really like my natural, sandy colour and haven’t done anything to it in years. Beautification it too time consuming.