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I just wanted to mention that i’m still working on that best doll/worst doll list. I’m just so swamped with work that i’m still in research and writing phase on that report. And now i’m also sick on top of everything and had to spend the entire day in bed yesterday.

I’ll be posting teaser images of the new 3 dolls in my costumed dolls gallery by tomorrow.

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new nude bjd porcelain doll farah

Farah is the latest addition to my nude bjd doll line. You can find more pictures of her in her gallery.

In the shots she’s wearing some optional white gold jewelry, on her hands and her ankles. Just like my other nudes, she can be ordered with or without these accessories (along with other options not shown, tattoos, gold body ornament, eye/hair colour changes, etc).

I notice that I’m really attracted to making dark-haired dolls. I have made more black haired dolls than any other colour combined. It’s funny because I never want to dye my own hair black, as a matter of fact, in the past I’ve put blond streaks in my own hair to make it look lighter, but I’ve never considered going darker. Actually, I really like my natural, sandy colour and haven’t done anything to it in years. Beautification it too time consuming.