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Dear Fans,

I’ve been wanting to announce for several days now that one of my collectors from France, Helene, has set up an Enchanted Doll forum where admirers and/or owners of my dolls can meet and interact. The Forum is fairly new and hopefully it will grow as more and more of my creations populate the world.

I’m a relatively new artist in the field and i do custom work, not mass production, so i don’t expect for ED (enchanted dolls) to flood the doll market any time soon. That’s why they are so special.

Anyway. I just want to thank Helen for loving my dolls so much as to make a forum for them. I’m honored . Again.


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This painting was done by Elizabeth Lacunza, from Spain. It was inspired by my work, i’m told. The reason i post it up here is because i’m really flattered by the fact that other artists find my work inspiring. It’s an honor. It’s a little bit surreal, actually, to see my work interpreted by another’s hand. It transcends its original purpose and meaning to become something else. But also beautiful.

I believe she is doing a series of doll-based digital paintings and look froward to seeing more of her work.