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This collar is another project in progress. I’ve been working on it on and off for a couple of months, but i’m not sure as off yet what exactly i’m going to do with it. Mermaid Song is modeling it for now, but i haven’t decided what doll i’m going to make for it. I have a few ideas, but they are just ideas at this point. It’s cast in non-tarnishing sterling silver and has a hinge on the back and the front for easy removal. I’m not sure if it’s finished yet either as i might add some stones to it later on. I’m thinking of making several copies of it to try it in several different applications for fun. We’ll see what happens.

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Posted in: site news has a new section, Prints!  That’s right, you now have the ability to purchase prints of various Enchanted Doll images.  The prints are done on archival quality satin card stock, while the poster sizes are done on poster paper (as seen in the above shot taken in my living room).

The process for ordering the prints is simple, just fill out the order form selecting which shots and at which sizes, and an email is sent to us with that information.  From there we will contact you to setup payment (paypal) and shipping information.  All prints will be sent out through regular mail (Canada Post) unless otherwise requested.

At this time, there are only a few available in the large poster format, but more will be coming soon.

Along with more sizes, more images will be available in the future as well, so if you have a favourite that you don’t see listed, head on over to the forum and let us know.

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I completed another costumed doll, her name is Dunyazade and she is the beloved, little sister of Scheherezade, my earlier doll. I’m still shooting her and working on her gallery in the Costumed doll section.

Dunyazade is wearing a one of a kind Sterling Silver head dress set with 19 faceted Amethysts, a one of a kind sterling silver filigree belt set with 12 faceted garnets, a Sterling silver necklace and sterling silver slippers.

Her dress is a dye sublimation print made from the original, embroidered piece worn by her older sister. This method of ornament reproduction presents all kinds of exciting costuming possibilities for me because it can be reinvented and reinterpreted in many different ways while keeping the original idea at the core. And as you know, I love experimenting. And while the print is only a reflection of the original embroidery and lacks the amazing spledor of actual sparkiling jeweles, pearls, gemstones, beads and silver, it also lacks the incredible weight of original, embroidered costumes. This gives a different feel to the printed costume, making it light, flowing and very practical, because it allows the doll underneath it to maintain the same degree of movement, while heavy, jeweled costumes inevitably restrict some movement with their sheer weight.

The other upside of the printed dress is that i redesign the piece and simplify the pattern, which allows for very simple removal of the costume with usually one zipper on the back, while the original embridered pieces are somewhat more complicated to remove and put back on because of their sophisitcated design and structural complexity of the pattern and bead work.

Having said that, nothing is quite as grand or amazing as a tiny, embroidered and bejeweled dress, sparkling and heavy with Austrian crystals, Rubies and Pearls! A dress which is smothered in splendor! Some sacrifices are necessary to accommodate this.

Basically, any medium one choosed has its’ own set of limitations and advantages over the other. It’s a constant give and take, and in choosing to emphasize one aspect, another must be given up. I always do my best to strike a fair balance and negotiate between simplicity and beauty.

But ultimate beauty is almost never easy or simple.

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A one of a kind costumed doll will become available for sale through Durwaigh Art Gallery in late October.

This is a very special occasion because this will be the very first doll to be sold through an art gallery as opposed to my website, or even sold at all for that matter, considering the close proximity of this show to my first Solo exhibition. A year ago I made all my finished costumed dolls unavailable for sale until after the end of this very important event of my career, so when the owner of the Duirwaigh Gallery approached me to create a piece for this show, I was a little bit hesitant, but then i found out that some of the most prominent and inspirational fairy artists in the field, such as Brian Froud and Kinuko Craft would be in the show as well, I couldn’t turn it down.

So, now i’m making a one of a kind, costumed Alice in Wonderland Doll for this show.

I’m very excited about this piece for two reasons: I’m replacing the universal, Disney version of Alice with my own interpretation of the character and using a combination of old and recently developed methods to create my vision.

The look behind my Alice is insipred by Eastern European Tradition of folk dress, decorative elements of Byzantinium and middle ages. I can’t say anymore for now. You’ll just have to find out on October 27th.

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Aren’t they beautiful?

This is the first accessory in Sterling Silver to become available for my Porcelain nude line. One of my new costumed dolls is already wearing a pair and they look, oh, so pretty.

I redesigned the structure of the shoe a little to accommodate for the weight of the metal and stay snugly on the foot. The slippers now have a decorative heel backing and a leather strap with a tiny, yet fully functional buckle on the side.

All is cast in solid, non-tarnishing Silver and finished by hand. Decorative Patina was applied to the surface to add contrast to the design and bring out the details. The pair weighs 12.5 grams or 0.43 oz and is light enough to be worn comfortably by the doll. They are $250 CND+shipping

Sometime next month i’ll have a pair 24k gold plated to see if i want to have it cast in solid gold. I might also cast a pair in bronze, for a darker finish. Anyway. I’ll do a full shoot of them in a couple of days and upload the pictures on the site, into the accessory category.

These lovely slippers are available for pre-order.

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After being blown away by some of the artwork that my dolls inspired, I decided to create a section on my page to showcase it all.

Click here to go to the Gallery.

I love seeing this type of work, so if anyone else has any pieces please forward them to me and I’ll get Chad to add them to the gallery (email with “Fan Art” in the subject)

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I’ve decided to write a book. About my dolls.

I’m working on putting together the visual material and compiling the information i want to accompany the images. I’m also pulling up concept sketches and work in progress for every costumed doll project I’ve done and hope to do before the release of the book to go along with the finished piece and show evolution of the doll from idea to drawing to porcelain and jewels.

Needles to say i’m really excited about this! My goal is to complete and publish the book in time for my solo show, which gives me 7 months. Not very long, but oh well. I’ll do my best.

This book will pretty much sum up my work up to the time of the show. I’m also tossing around the idea of either somehow doing it in two languages, or publishing a full Russian language version.

And even though i haven’t even completed my first book, I’m already thinking about the second and a much more challenging book to publish. I’d like to illustrate a very famous fairy tale with my dolls as well as drawn illustrations. I will need to make much more than the full “cast” of characters in this fairy tale, I’ll also have to make props to set up the scenes for the dolls. I have no doubt that i can do it all, it’s only a matter of time.

But, first things first.

I could use some input from Enchanted Doll admirers as to what they would particularly like to see in this book besides the beautiful portraits of the dolls. So feel free to suggest anything, it just might make it into the book.