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These are some sights from my daily jog. It’s probably hard to believe looking at these pictures that i live in Downtown Vancouver. It’s not that our Downtown is a forest, but it’s just I live right on the very edge of its’ West End, where it ends at a huge and beautiful rain forest park and then water. The entire Downtown along with Stanley Park is a peninsula that is surrounded by waters of English Bay on three sides and connected to the mainland Vancouver by 5 bridges and one narrow neck of land.

It’s a very pretty place to live. I have a beach on my front door, high rises on one side and a rain forest on the other. As the matter of fact, this alley right behind my apartment building where I begin my run is a boundary between residential towers and the park. It marks the end of down town and beginning of the forest.

The park is very beautiful all year round and has a very rich flora and many trails to enjoy it. Every time i run, it feels like i’m entering a fairy tale. On rainy and misty days like this one, when cloud ceiling is so low that its’ edges get caught on the tips of the ancient cedars and fine mist creeps through the trees, I almost expect to catch a glimpse of the Little Red riding hood in the depth of the forest.

I keep wanting to do a photo shoot of some dolls in the park, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I guess i feel like i don’t have the right doll for the project.

Anyway, just thought i’d share a little bit of my beautiful home. West Coast is truly beautiful. Most of the year it’s a cold and grand type of beauty. It’s where mountains, luscious rain forest and Pacific ocean meet and there is a distinct sense of space and age and solitude. Even with thousands of tourists around. When i rollerblade or bike around the park on the seawall in the morning, I sit on the bench for a few minutes looking at the mountains and imagining what this place must have looked like hundreds of thousands of years ago. Probably not that different, minus all the buildings and plus some glaciers.