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Finally, I can announce the nude doll which will be available for sale at the Paris Creation doll expo.

This is a special piece from the limited edition of Emerald doll. I customized her especially for this event to make her different from the others. She has a small monochrome tattoo between her shoulderblades and two removable wigs: the one shown and a long, rusty red one. (Chinchilla fur shown in the pic is not included).

This girl will go for $2,300 CND, or 1,440 Euros.

A lottery will be held to decide who gets to buy this doll because there were two many people wanting to reserve it. I will start taking names down at 10 am and we will draw one at 2pm. You will have to be present when this happens because either the deposit or the full payment must be paid on the spot. If the sum is paid in full, then you get to take the doll home there and then, but you also have the option of putting a non-refundable deposit of 30% down in cash, with the remaining 70% to be paid withing 7 days via Paypal.

I will still be in Paris and can give you the doll in person after the balance is paid or mail her to you.

The show is in two days. Email me if you have any questions.

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I will have a few of my dolls showing at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin!

The show starts on December 12th and runs until feb 1st, the show can be seen for 4 weeks.

The Main room will be with Daniel Van Nes, who makes illuminated etchings with antique glass domes.

The Gallery is at Boxhagenerstrasse 36, D-10245 Berlin

Although only four dolls will be shown at this exhibition, I’m still very excited about this as I’ve never been to Berlin before.  Also, this could lead to a larger showing there in the near future.  If anyone is in the Berlin area, I welcome you to visit the show to see my dolls in person.

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Meet Kia, the Water Nymph.  She’s the newest nude doll in the Enchanted Doll collection.

She is shown with a custom feature of Mendhi, done on her hands/feet/etc.  This is a feature that was done for a custom order, and is similar to Tattooing a doll.  She can be ordered without the Mendhi, or any other doll can be ordered with it.

You can view her gallery here.

Venetian is another new nude that was put up earlier this week.  Be sure to check out her gallery too.