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The Berlin show at Strychnin gallery opened Friday, December 6th!  It was a very fun evening but I’m glad that it has come and gone, the stress of everything was starting to get to me, mostly due to worrying about my dolls/cases in transit (trains, planes and automobiles).  I enjoyed talking with the people there, both those who knew of my dolls before hand and those that were seeing them for the first time.

The shot above is me with Cliff Wallace, a special effects artist who worked on such Hollywood films as Quantum of Solace, Hellboy 2, 28 days later, etc. He had some of his sculptures in the show and I had the opportunity to meet him and chat with him about his work. It was pretty cool.

I also had an interesting conversation with a journalist, which was more of an argument about the nature of art, commercialism, and whether commercial and fine are can coexist together, whether the commercial aspect of art completely devaluates purpose of true art. It was a refreshing discussion because I haven’t had an art critique of my work since I graduated from art school, on the other hand, it reminded me of my art school discussions which focused too much on the idealistic notion of “art is pure” rather than commercial considerations of making a living.

The show runs until February 6th, (but is closed from Dec 22nd – Jan 22nd), so if you’re in the area drop in and take a look.  More info on Strychnin’s site

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From Strychnin’s site:

DANIEL VAN NES – Fallen Angels. Featuring special guests VIRGINIE ROPARS, CLIFF WALLACE and MARINA BYCHKOVA. Opens December 12th, 7 p.m.

The real replaced by the virtual, oversaturation through the media and the ever-present TV screens with marketing messages that seep into our lives and dreams not unlike religious slogans – these are the themes of Dutch artist Daniël van Nes ’ new series of work. Playing with religious imagery and mixing it up with sub and underground cultures, the characters in his work are angels expelled from the Garden who find themselves utterly alone in their fall.

The works of special guest Virginie Ropars lie somewhere between sculpture, doll making, fashion design and illustration, building a dream-like reality featuring predominantly strong female characters.

Cliff Wallace , our special guest from England, is a creature designer for Creature Effects, a company largely responsible for the look and feel of films such as “Hellboy II”, “Kingdom of Heaven” and “28 Days Later”. His sculptures reflect the mysterious and strange worlds that he gets his inspiration from.

Marina Bychkova , our third special guest, is from Canada. Her dolls reflect the dark and sometimes threatening undertones that classic fairy tales often contain – they are fragile and vulnerable in their beauty.


Boxhagenerstrasse 36
D-10245 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 9700 2035

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The show has finally come and gone.  It was incredibly busy the week leading up to the show finishing up all the details, and I’m both relieved and exhilarated that’s it’s all done.  The show rushed by in a blur, but I was able to meet many people and finally put some faces to names.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by my table to see my dolls.  I was flattered to hear that some people came to the show from different countries just to see my dolls.  The expo also gave me a chance to show my dolls to an audience that has never seen them before.

I wish I had made more dolls to sell at the show, but I was lucky enough as it was to get everything else done in time.

The sleepless nights were worth it, the expo was a great experience.  Big thanks to my friend Iana who helped me by being my French translator and to my dear boyfriend, Chad, for his invaluable prescence.

Pictures of the show can be found on the forum here.

Now it’s time to turn my focus to Berlin, I’ll post more details about that show soon.