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A little while ago I made a doll for a friend of mine, Fabrizio Viti.


Fabrizio and I talking dolls.

He is a mega doll collector who resides in Paris and who has the most fantastic collection of fashion dolls and their fashions. Not only that, but he also has an abundance of custom made, couture designer outfits and accessories for them, such as a collection of tiny Prada purses, French perfumes and Louis Vuitton shoes and bags. His dolls also have designer furniture and furs and high end silks and laces for dresses. They have their own room, but the favorite ones sleep by the foot of his bed in a gorgeous custom made designer bed with Chinchilla fir lining. He has trunks and trunks of vintage fashion doll outfits too and the center piece of his immaculately furnished living room is the famous vintage ponytail Barbie in the zebra bathing suit. I touched it and it was glorious.


Some fancy doll purses. Louis Vuitton, Prada, and another Louis Vuitton.

His dolls dress better and have the most expensive wardrobe of any woman I know. They look like runway models in Luxury designer labels and they must be the most spoiled dolls in the world.

Did I mention that Fabrizio is the head shoe designer for a luxury fashion label Louis Vuitton?

We met while I was in Paris past fall, showing my dolls and I had a little peek into the world of fashion. One of the first things Fabrizio had said to me when we went for lunch the following day, or the one after, was that both him and I worked in the same industry-the industry of fantasy. I thought it was a very interesting comparison, and was surprised that I hadn’t thought of it that way before even though it was kind of obvious.

Next week Chad and I were invited to his place where we had a great time. I brought my Edie with me and Fabrizio and I had an awesome play date with all his dolls and pretty things while Chad and Fabrizio’s friend who was visiting him that weekend, looked on as if we were two crazy people. Fabrizio kept pulling out box after box after box of doll clothes. It was nuts. The guy is a really passionate doll collector! Anyway we had lots of fun. I modeled some paris of Louise Vuitton shoes Fabrizio brought for me but had to work very hard to look as graceful as those models on the runway and i’m only half their height. It’s been a while since i wore heels and I was terrible, but i’ve gotten used to them since.


My Enchanted Doll shoe inside my Louis Vuitton shoe.

Yes, I had a great time in Paris. It is truly a city of beauty, vibrancy and decadence. It was a very exciting trip and I met some very interesting people while there and became extremely inspired by what i saw. I have no doubt that the experience is already influencing my work in a way that didn’t exist previously and will be doing so for years to come. Magical things happen in Paris.