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I’m quite bored of all my face molds and some body molds and long to make new ones. I’ve been wanting to make a few new faces as well as a new set of legs for Enchanted Dolls, but so far, have been unable to commit enough time to it. If I don’t just sit down and sculpt some new ones soon, I’m in danger of dying from boredom. Or exploding with impatience.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy painting the faces I’ve got and coming up with different variations of expressions, tones and make up.  I rely very heavily on painting techniques to give different appearences to the same face sculpt and enjoy the challenge, but after a year or so of experimenting with the same set of 10 face molds I need fresh canvases.

So, that’s why I’m not booking any orders after August 2nd at this point; to make time and create more beauties. I may be able to fit in a couple a month, but I can’t make any promises just yet. Plus, with the porcelain slip shortage situation I may have to go on a forced haitus for a while and working on new sculpts is the perfect project in the absence of doll casting.

More doll faces!

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Busy day at Enchanted Doll HQ, originally uploaded by cisley.

Speaking of working spaces; this is a part of mine and you couldn’t pay me enough money to take it apart and move it to a gallery for a temporary show set up.There is no way I’m moving all this back and forth just for ‘fun’! The concept of the work space gallery show doesn’t appeal to me at all because of the huge amount of work it entails. There are hundreds of little components and tools housed in the multitude of drawers on, above and below my desks, but it’s the desks themselves that are more annoying to handle than all the other stuff combined. Oh IKEA- I love you and hate you simultaneously.

As for Audrey Kawasaki- I think she is a brilliant artist. I’ve discovered her work quite recently in an art magazine and it instantly resonated with me. I feel that even though we work in different mediums, we never the less share the same subject matter and to some extent, stylistic approach.I look at her girls and see my dolls as if we share these same sensibilities and travel different, yet parallel paths with our work. I’m very drawn to and inspired by Audrey Kawasaki’s paintings. I would love to own one of her prints, but they are as hard to obtain as Enchanted Dolls: they sell out very quickly and there is probably a wait list. I guess this gives me a taste of my own medicine.

In the picture above, Chad and I are working on doll parts with some entertainment playing in the background. Our Macbooks quite literally go with us everywhere. I’ve been so busy lately that I had to train Chad to do some basic back end tasks in order to save me some valuable time for doing all the complex stuff. And he is very good at! Now I wonder why I didn’t get him to help me all along because I’m getting my orders done more quickly this way. Chad, you’re amazing.

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As some of you know, I’m working on my first solo book. Over the last few months I’ve been slowly putting the content together, but because I’m so busy making dolls, I can’t seem to find enough time for writing a book about them. And I keep thinking that I should wait until I finish this doll or that doll so that I can include it in the book. I should just finalise what I have alreay and stop waiting for more dolls.

I’m also agonizing over the cover. There are just so many photographs I could use that I can’t decide on any single one. I suppose that as I make more dolls in the near future, there would be more and better photographs to use for a cover image. And here I go again.

I would welcome any suggestions from Enchanted Doll fans.

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6 month old pictures of Emerald finally on the site

 Pictures of Emerald finally up on the site after 6 months.

I found these pictures of Emerald on my laptop several days ago. They’ve been on my computer since November last year and I completely forgot about them because they were taken 20 minutes before we ran out of the house to catch our plane to Paris. It was a good find.  See more pictures of her in Nude galleries.

I hate to start a post off with a negative note, but May has been a rather ulucky and a challenging month for me and I can’t wait for it to end already and bring me a change of fortunes.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of casting problems with my tinted porcelain slip while being unable to order any more due to manufacturer’s backlog. Their customer service has been getting worse by the month and I have almost no patience left. I’m running dangerously low even on white slip and hope every day that I’ll be able to get some more before I go into my next phase of orders in July. It’s a real possibility that I may have to wait until Christmas, seeing how things are going so far. The scary part is that  I only have enough slip left for maybe 10 dolls and then I’m in trouble. Just thinking about not having any porcelain for up to 6 months gives me anxiety attacks.

The other unfortunate event that I’ve been dealing with is the last minute cancellation of my long awaited St. Petersburg trip/show. I was really looking forward to it and Chad and I have already got our tickets and had everything arranged, when I was refused Russian visa on the grounds of being a Russian. It’s a long and frustrating story. Chad got a visa no problem though. Oh well, next year. I’m almost over it.

And now I’m sick and falling behind schedule.

Well, I guess that’s enought ranting for now. Chad and I finally got a storage locker in our building today, which will give us more space to keep my work supplies. That was the best thing that happened this month. That, and another magazine cover feature for Enchanted Doll. I suppose things aren’t so bad.

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There are two new doll galleries on the site, Aphrodite (the tattooed doll from the previous post) and Noire (seen above).

Noire was inspired by the film noir genre, after seeing the movie Chinatown.  I’ve been wanting to make something from the 1920’s era for a while, and Chinatown re-inspired me if you will.

Noire is in the Nude section, while Aphrodite can be found in the Costumed section.

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It’s been a long time since my last post. Here is the scoop on what I’ve been up to between now and then.

The show opeing was a great experience, but a very intense one too. I got to meet some of you guys, which was awesome, but I came home exhauseted and drained of creative juices. I had planned to take it easy after the show opened and not do any allnighters, tight deadlines or extreme multi-tasking for a while. May and June were supposed to be a chilled out months in celebration of a major carreer milestone. They are not turning out to be very relaxing so far because I was invited to take part in three shows, in Bolzano Italy, St. Petersburg Russia, and Berlin Germany.  I have been working to create new pieces for these shows, all while doing orders for nude dolls.  Sure all the work can be stressful at times, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying every twist and turn along the way.

The doll shown in the photo above is a new tattooed doll that will be on display at the KunStart Art Fair in Bolzano Italy, from 21-24 of May.

The show in St. Petersburg show takes place June 11-14.

Also, there is a little video of me setting up The Bride for the Milwaukee show.  I was working right up until the last minute fixing some final details, and Chad caught me doing some “Clutch Sewing” with my limited supply of thread.  Expect some more “behind the scenes” videos in the future.