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Little Thing Magazine

I was featured in the May issue (#06) of the Little Thing Magazine from Hong Kong.  I finally got my copy in the mail today and I’m so happy.  The magazine looks really interesting and covers a wide spectrum of art (from fashion photography to tiny crochet work), I just wish I could read it.

I always get excited when my dolls are featured in a magazine, especially when it’s in a different part of the world.  My goal is to be featured in a magazine from each continent, I wonder if anyone publishes a doll magazine in Antarctica…

You can see scans of the pages here, and more published work here.

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So, I was shooting two tattooed nudes the other day, playing around with their poses, camera angles and lighting when i arrived at this pretty composition. Inspired by their similarity in hair color, tattoos and hair ornaments, I was brainstorming with words while trying to come up with a title: “girls…sisters…lovers….twins….sisters…twins ..twinsisters…  …..gemini…gemini?…..Gemini!!!”, which led to a realization that I had to make a full zodiac of Enchanted dolls.

I was so excited that instead of working on an order which was due the next day, I sat at my desk for 2.7 hours and stared unseeing into the wall imagining what my zodiac dolls would look like, while the endless possibilities for their appearances spun in front of my eyes like an invisible circus.

When I calmed down the next morning, It had occurred to me that perhaps this topic was way too cliche for me to bother with, but then again the execution may make a difference with this old and tired idea.

And don’t expect to see my zodiac dolls holding Libra scales, Saggitarius bows and Aquarius water jugs either, as I believe in a minimal use of doll props and only for photoshoots. I’ll have to find a different way to convey that they are zodiac signs.

So, what I’m trying to say is that I really hate doll dioramas. Or dressed up doll-figurines that don’t move. But you know that.

This is Edie with a cage tattoo and Noire with a Dragon fly tattoo on their backs. Yup, my little Noire has had a tattoo on her back this whole time and you had no idea. Here it is.


And the open bird cage tattoo.


Go to tattooed dolls gallery to see close ups of these.

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This is something new I had made recently for a custom order. I really like this one. Next time i’m trying a full color, bigger peacock on the front of the doll. Although it was very challenging, it was still easier than I expected it would be. I must be getting better at this.

Now that I think about it, I might be ready for human skin. Who wants one? I’m sure I can figure it out as I go. Can’t be that hard.

Another angle at this tattoo can be found in the new Tattooed Dolls gallery, by the way.

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So it came to my attention that people have been asking questions about this doll. Sorry, Enchanted Doll fans-I didn’t mean to hold out on you. I made this a few months ago, but didn’t get around to posting any pictures. Here, let me tell you all about it.

This is Edie modeling the Illumination cape. My favorite dye sublimation project. So far.

The Illumination is a dye sublimation print of the image taken from my watercolor painting. It’s covered with organic/celtic designs and flowers all the way around and it’s really long. It features four fabulous Sterling Silver box clasps with set gemstones which make this cape so much fun to take on and off, on and off, on and off….obviously I can’t stop playing with it. The clasps are quite heavy and this weight effectively counterbalances the weight of this enormous cape. Because it’s printed on polyester it’s actually quite light for what it is, but there’s got to be a balance between the front and the back, otherwise it starts sliding around the body, that’s why I used heavy clasps as counterweights, which works fantastic.

This cape hides most of the doll’s skin with the exception of bare neck, lower arms and sometimes a foot slides free of the folds through the slit down the middle. I really like that effect because it creates such a strong contrast between skin and heavy ornament, making the doll’s limbs appear even more sensual and delicate. I just love this outfit and my own Edie always wears it. I think her short hair really offsets the length of the cape and accentuates her neck and her frailness underneath all that fabric.

My plan was to make it into a one of a kind project with bead embroidery all over the designs and gold, or at least gold plated clasps, but when I put together this rough try out, it turned out so splendidly that I decided to keep one as it is and possibly make more of it as a doll accessory/outfit available for order. I might give it a red or a blue lining on the inside too.

I still plan to make a fancy version of it with gemstones strewn all over it and beads covering the surface, but for now that project is on hold as I’m still working out the best method for attaching faceted gems and cabochons to the fabric and merging them with bead work. I can’t wait to get started on it though. Perhaps in August I will.

The reason I don’t have it up on the site anywhere is because this was an experimental project which doesn’t have its own doll yet. It’s just a cape for now. I should put more pictures of it up… I will soon, so stay tuned. And let me know if you still have questions about it.

Oh and the reason I called it the illumination cape is beause I was partially inspired by the medieval, Celtic illuminated manuscripts. The other part of inspiration obviously came from my favorite artist, Sulamith Wulfing:


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Oh yeah, I almost forgot: another magazine in Russia has come out with a long Enchanted Doll interview. You can check out the spread in the published work gallery, and if you happen to speak Russian, you can even read it.

It’s a business magazine called Practice and it’s a kind of strange to see my work in there as it seems just a little bit out of place. But hey, I ain’t complaining. If the editor of this magazine decided that it belongs there, well, then who am I to argue. I mean, clearly editors in chief know what they are doing when they decide that a spring issue of a business magazine can not possibly go to print without an article about my dolls in it. I think it’s this latest publication in Russia that’s been bringing a flood of Russian emails to my inbox in the last two weeks. I’ve definitely been getting to know Russian keyboard configuration a lot better than before.

Seeing all my media spreads together makes me long to show more new work. Which I haven’t made yet.

You might also notice that my published work gallery has been slightly enhanced with larger thumbnails of most of my printed editorials in various international publications, directly below the principal picture. They are all live links just like the little thumbnails on the right side and you can click them too.

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This is an experiment with make up and tonal combinations. The goal was to create a face resembling Cinderella without facial resculping of mouth and chin. I believe the resulting expression is very sweet but not as haunting as Cinderella’s.

This particular snowflake crown is an example of sterling silver finished to a bright shine before the application of patina. Patina is a type of acid which brings out fine details, accentuates recesses and raised areas and gives silver an antiqued, contrasty look playing down the bright shine.  I always prefer treated surface to a shiny one because of the contrast it creates. Pretty as the shiny finish is, I find it reflects so much light from all the surface planes and a lot of detail gets lost in the glare. Although, as can be seen from this fine example, sometimes the untreated, bright finish silver is just the right thing to have.

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I’ve got my doll collection back from the museum! This means that the owners of costumed Enchanted Dolls and the lucky Enchanted Doll contest winner will finally be getting their dolls!

My house is crawling with dolls again. Figuratively speaking, of course. We unpacked the boxes and took strapped dolls out, but I haven’t got them all sorted out yet. The curator of Villa Terrace exhibitions who packed up my dolls did an amazingly thorough job to make sure they all got home in one piece. I’m afraid she even went a little overboard by painstakingly removing ALL of doll’s costumes with the exception of a few that were just way too complex and multi-layered. All their clothes came neatly folded and wrapped in tissues down to the last little pieces such as hair pins!!!. I really appreciate her efforts in ensuring the safety of the dolls, although most of the costumes were safe to keep on during shipping with the exception of heavy, metal head dresses. I hate to think that I had to put her through hours of extra work because of a mis-communication. Oh well. What’s done is done and the doll’s are home. Thank you Villa Terrace for a wonderful exhibition venue for my work and for keeping it safe for me!

Now….Anybody wanna play dress up?!