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This is an experiment with make up and tonal combinations. The goal was to create a face resembling Cinderella without facial resculping of mouth and chin. I believe the resulting expression is very sweet but not as haunting as Cinderella’s.

This particular snowflake crown is an example of sterling silver finished to a bright shine before the application of patina. Patina is a type of acid which brings out fine details, accentuates recesses and raised areas and gives silver an antiqued, contrasty look playing down the bright shine.  I always prefer treated surface to a shiny one because of the contrast it creates. Pretty as the shiny finish is, I find it reflects so much light from all the surface planes and a lot of detail gets lost in the glare. Although, as can be seen from this fine example, sometimes the untreated, bright finish silver is just the right thing to have.

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I’ve got my doll collection back from the museum! This means that the owners of costumed Enchanted Dolls and the lucky Enchanted Doll contest winner will finally be getting their dolls!

My house is crawling with dolls again. Figuratively speaking, of course. We unpacked the boxes and took strapped dolls out, but I haven’t got them all sorted out yet. The curator of Villa Terrace exhibitions who packed up my dolls did an amazingly thorough job to make sure they all got home in one piece. I’m afraid she even went a little overboard by painstakingly removing ALL of doll’s costumes with the exception of a few that were just way too complex and multi-layered. All their clothes came neatly folded and wrapped in tissues down to the last little pieces such as hair pins!!!. I really appreciate her efforts in ensuring the safety of the dolls, although most of the costumes were safe to keep on during shipping with the exception of heavy, metal head dresses. I hate to think that I had to put her through hours of extra work because of a mis-communication. Oh well. What’s done is done and the doll’s are home. Thank you Villa Terrace for a wonderful exhibition venue for my work and for keeping it safe for me!

Now….Anybody wanna play dress up?!