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Oh yeah, I almost forgot: another magazine in Russia has come out with a long Enchanted Doll interview. You can check out the spread in the published work gallery, and if you happen to speak Russian, you can even read it.

It’s a business magazine called Practice and it’s a kind of strange to see my work in there as it seems just a little bit out of place. But hey, I ain’t complaining. If the editor of this magazine decided that it belongs there, well, then who am I to argue. I mean, clearly editors in chief know what they are doing when they decide that a spring issue of a business magazine can not possibly go to print without an article about my dolls in it. I think it’s this latest publication in Russia that’s been bringing a flood of Russian emails to my inbox in the last two weeks. I’ve definitely been getting to know Russian keyboard configuration a lot better than before.

Seeing all my media spreads together makes me long to show more new work. Which I haven’t made yet.

You might also notice that my published work gallery has been slightly enhanced with larger thumbnails of most of my printed editorials in various international publications, directly below the principal picture. They are all live links just like the little thumbnails on the right side and you can click them too.