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So, I was shooting two tattooed nudes the other day, playing around with their poses, camera angles and lighting when i arrived at this pretty composition. Inspired by their similarity in hair color, tattoos and hair ornaments, I was brainstorming with words while trying to come up with a title: “girls…sisters…lovers….twins….sisters…twins ..twinsisters…  …..gemini…gemini?…..Gemini!!!”, which led to a realization that I had to make a full zodiac of Enchanted dolls.

I was so excited that instead of working on an order which was due the next day, I sat at my desk for 2.7 hours and stared unseeing into the wall imagining what my zodiac dolls would look like, while the endless possibilities for their appearances spun in front of my eyes like an invisible circus.

When I calmed down the next morning, It had occurred to me that perhaps this topic was way too cliche for me to bother with, but then again the execution may make a difference with this old and tired idea.

And don’t expect to see my zodiac dolls holding Libra scales, Saggitarius bows and Aquarius water jugs either, as I believe in a minimal use of doll props and only for photoshoots. I’ll have to find a different way to convey that they are zodiac signs.

So, what I’m trying to say is that I really hate doll dioramas. Or dressed up doll-figurines that don’t move. But you know that.

This is Edie with a cage tattoo and Noire with a Dragon fly tattoo on their backs. Yup, my little Noire has had a tattoo on her back this whole time and you had no idea. Here it is.


And the open bird cage tattoo.


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