Daily Archives: September 6, 2009

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I did this mock up shoot earlier today to finally show the collar on Enchanted Doll. This isn’t an actual costumed doll. The composition was assembled specifically for this photo shoot to show off the collar. I made this wig a while ago to use in a different photo composition, but haven’t gotten around to it yet, due to the constant time deficit.

I am so in love with this creation of mine. I’ve been playing with the collar all day and neglecting other work. I tried putting it on every doll I have at home and observing the impact it had on the costume. I even combined it with a new Chinese gown, a seemingly odd combination, but it looked like it belonged there. I’ll shoot some pictures of it in the upcoming week. I’m just so blown away by the results. Almost four months of work and it was all so worth it! It’s exactly how I envisioned it and more. It’s huge, yet very light. It still can’t stay on the shoulders by itself, but I’m working on a simple clasp that will either attach it to any low neck costume or more conveniently, a discreet harness to allow it to be worn independently of the costume and be removed with ease. Initial testing of a transparent, elastic harness were very promising. I’m leaning towards the invisible harness.


I might have this collar available to order as a limited editon within a couple of months. I don’t have an exact price worked out yet since I’m still developing the formula for making each piece, but a rough estimate would be around a $1,000 CND, more or less. The cost of precious metal fluctuates all the time, which means the cost of casting does too. Once I get the average worked out, I’ll announce it. Drop me a line if you’re interested, as the number of people wishing to purchase it will affect the time line of release.

When I get back from Europe in November, I plan to begin the costume which was meant to go with this collar. I’m going to set gems into the lace work of the collar as well as the dress I have planned for it. It’s going to be wonderful. I might even try a 24 k gold or a rhodium plate for a truly brilliant surface appearance. I look forward to it. The piece is actually so versatile and can be successfully combined with various dress designs, but first things first- I’ll start with one and see how far I can take it.

I have several new things to show you. The new tattooed doll is assembled, as well as some new compositions and dolls which I have just gotten around to photographing. There are also some really pretty, random doll pictures from the past that I may post here. The next Sketch of the week segment is Scheherazade, coming up on Monday. Now that I have the  collar up on a doll I will put together those progress sequence pictures I mentioned earlier. I just need to go to my parents place and dig up one old picture in the family album which is relevant to this project. Stay tuned. Lots of new stuff is coming up! So much, that I’m struggling to space out the posts for the next couple of weeks, without overloading you with information.

Let me know wich of the two pictures you like better.