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Another clear example of my obession with Middle Eastern costume during that particular period. Safia has a lot of sketches but I didn’t want to post them all because one, it would be too overwhelming and two, I have to save some surprises for my book.

Speaking of which: I’m still planning to have it done in time for my solo show in Berlin. There has been some more discussion with the parties involved and it seems that a publisher is interested in the project. I don’t want to disclose too many details yet because ther aren’t any concrete ones at this point, but I’m anticipating to have a more definite outline after I return from Eurorope as we hope to meet with the publisher and discuss it further while in Germany.

What i think I will do is start a wait list or a sign up sheet for those people who wish to purchase a copy when it comes out. Chad and I are going to discuss it and see what the best format for that would be. Maybe it would look like a doll request for or something of along those lines. But I strongly encourage every one interested in signing up as it would help me a lot.