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Yesterday Chad and I attended the Louis Vuitton spring 2010 show, at the Louvre. This is my formal invitation. Chad and I picked them up at the LV head quarters just a couple of hours before the show. Actually, the reason we flew to Europe so much earlier this fall than the Art Fair 21, is so that we could attend it. Fabrizio invited us a few months ago and I was very excited to see a couture fashion show in person.

It was extremely awesome and fabulous. We took a short video of the last couple of minutes on the runway and some pictures back stage, after the show. I saw some celebrities whom I recognized and a bunch more whom I didn’t. The back stage party was actually longer than the runway show itself. Chad and I hung out for an hour or so. I drank a lot of champagne.


We met up with Fabrizio Viti, the LV shoe designer back stage. He is holding a bag that contains his new Enchanted Doll. He took her to the show with him!


The guests and the media crowded around empty wardrobe racks and mirrors. There were mannequin heads, huge wigs and bottles and bottles of hair spray laying around everywhere. paris-63

Actress Camilla Belle giving interviews.


Fabrizio showing and telling me about the shoes he had designed for this collection and which the models just wore on the runway. I’m holding my favorite one.


I met and talked to the beautiful Natalia Vodianova. It was rather surreal meeting her in person since I have known about this model and referenced her face in painting my dolls for a long time. She is just as beautiful in person as she is on magazines covers. I told her that I was going to sculpt her face for my dolls and she thought it was a fabulous idea. Although, I think that she didn’t take it seriously. I saw her husband, Justin Portman there too. It’s funny, we are the same age her and I, yet she felt quite a bit older than me because she is so tall, beautiful and has 3 childern. Very sweet girl.  We posed for a picture together but the camera battery died at that very moment.  Hopefully I will get another chance for a photo at a future show.


These look just like dolls, but they are photos of the runway models in their outfits stuck to a wall. On that scale they look just like dolls.

Afterward Chad and I sat by the glass pyramid and the fountains in the Louver square and enjoyed the warm autumn day in Paris. Then we went inside to see some more works of art.

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Here I am, scootering in Enghien-les-Bains, the Northern suburb of Paris, where Chad and I are staying with Helene and her family. I borrowed this scooter from Sasha, Helene’s sweet little girl when we went for a walk around the neighbourhood and Chad snapped this shot, which by sheer coincidence happened to be framed exactly as the shot of Enghien les Bains that Wikipedia uses.


Helene, showing us around. It’s a really nice neighborhood.

We met up with my old Vancouver friend, Iana and her new French boyfriend for lunch the next day and I had snails and frog legs. They were ok. I don’t think I will be having them again. I’ll post pics of that later on Flickr. The new boyfriend then went back to work (he’s a French cop) and the three of us went to explore a huge flea market where we saw some of the most amazing antiques I’ve ever laid my eyes on.


Chad, relaxing after an exhausting day.

Our connecting flight to Paris was through Los Angeles and I think that’s why we saw Joshua Jackson at the airport. He flew on the same flight as us and I told him that I really liked him in the Fringe, although I don’t really like the show itself. For some reason, even though I had a camera in my jacket pocket, I didn’t ask him for a picture. I suppose I didn’t want to be rude and/ or lame.

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I’ve decided to show State Property doll at the Art Fair 21, in Cologne, Germany this year. I originally conceived her as a part of the triptych, but since she generated so much emotional response from people, I realized that she is a very strong piece on her own and decided to break up the triptych for this show. She will be for sale and if she gets bought during this show, well, the other two dolls will get sold as separate pieces as well.

I made her a halo with 24k gold lined, seed beads, four 13 karat Kyanite cabochons, four 3 karat Ruby cabochons, four Pink Tourmaline cabochons, 3 Tourmaline briolettes, 8 Sapphires, six Lapis Lazuli, four large, Check glass crystals, fresh water pearls, glass beads and Austrian crystals.

Come and see her at the show in Cologne on October 29-November 1st!

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First of all, I would like to say thank you to all who fought vigorously for Lolita. It was an interesting experience. I’m sorry for those who lost, but perhaps you will have a chance to win something next time. Lolita is on her way home to Tokyo, Japan and we will see what new dolls the future will bring.

Now, this is the fourth magazine to feature Enchanted Doll on its cover. This is a very nice, heavy fashion magazine from Fortaleza, Brazil. It has a 10 page spread inside, but unfortunately I can’t open it due to an accident. The envelope with my issue got torn open during shipping and sustained a very serious water damage. Two days later it’s still soaked and half the pages are stuck together. I’ve been able to peel a few apart, but that pretty much destroyed them.

But no worries: the editor is sending me another one along with pdfs of the spread, so it should appear on my site soon. For now, there is only the cover.

Also, I am getting ready to go to Europe the day after tomorrow! I will scan as many sketches as I can to make weekly sketch posts, but i think I will only do it once a week during my trip because, well, for obvious reasons. I’ve skipped the last two because of the auction and all the preparations, but now that I’m on holidays I will have some free time. We’ll also be posting pictures of our travels here and on Chad’s Flickr page, so check it out if you like.

Here is a rough itinerary of our trip give or take a few days. One week in Paris, one week in London, one week in Vienna and one week in Cologne. Then back to Paris on November 1st or 2nd to catch our return flight home on the 3rd.

I’ll post a  sketch tonight and make a post more details about the show in Cologne tomorrow.