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This preliminary announcement is to signal the beginning of the Second Annual Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest!
That’s right, as a part of celebrating my birthday, I am giving away one nude doll as a present to one lucky winner of the contest. My last year’s birthday contest was so rewarding that I decided to not only to give away another doll, but do it every year from this day forth.

The Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest is now an annual event. And a talent competition.

The general rule for entering the contest is simple: Make something in the theme of Enchanted Doll and send it to me as a birthday gift. The entry that blows me away, will take the winning prize of Nude Enchanted Doll.

The competition is open to any media: drawing, painting, photography, digital art, sculpture, jewelry, doll art, writing, poetry, illustration, animation or film. Any form of creative figurative expression whatsoever. If you think you can come up with a math or physics equation for Enchanted Doll-go ahead and enter it, if you believe you should write a ballad about Enchanted Doll-do it, if you know you can bake a delicious Enchanted Doll cake and deliver it to me for my birthday- then go for it. Mmmm!

Bottom line is that you can use whatever talents you have to create something beautiful and my favorite one will take the prize.

This is the general information you need to know to get started on your entries. I will make a more formal announcement with info and deadlines later this week.

Now, let’s make beautiful things.

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Dear friends, fans and clients, I would like to announce that the long-anticipated “Art that Creeps” book by Korero publishers has been released and is now available for sale! Needless to say that my work is featured in this book along with other young artists from around the world.

This project has been in the making for close to a year and I eagerly await my copies from the publisher. I am not sure how long my spread is or how many works ended up making the cut because there were lots of revisions, naturally, but I will try to find out as soon as I can and make an update once I do.

Here is a link to more information about his book.

Also, while in Germany I had discussed plans for my solo book with Strychnin gallery and we should have the final word on the project in January 2010. If you have any questions about it, please email Yasha the director of the gallery for details at

Now, go and buy this book. There is so much amazing art in there.

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The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has an incredible jewelry collection and the best book store I’ve ever been to.

The books are almost exclusively about decorative art, craft and fashion, which is very relevant to my work. Unable to cope with finding so much useful research material in one place, I almost had a panic attack. I was running from shelf to shelf with an arm load of books like a crazy person: flipping desperately though pages, devouring what I could with my eyes and mumbling to myself in disoriented excitement, all the while knowing that I couldn’t take my hoard home with me due to luggage weight limitations. I chose 3 of my favorite books and resorted to photographing the covers of the other ones so that I could order them online once I came home. I spent more time in the bookstore than in the exhibits.


Phantom of the opera musical on Piccadilly.

I’ve always disliked live stage shows. They make me uncomfortable. I don’t know why, but after I seeing the Phantom of he Opera, I’ve began to suspect that it’s because I’ve never seen a good one up until then. I was astounded at the quality of production and blown away by the experience! There is so much live entertainment going on in London…all the time. It’s so dynamic and vibrant. Vancouver is a cultural ghost town compared to large European cities. It makes me sad. It’s very pretty here though.

Above London

London Eye is the biggest Ferris wheel in Europe and the third largest in the world.

I’m very uncomfortable with heights, but not enough to avoid going up on tall, non-moving structures with spectacular views. I hate rollecoasters with a passion and never go to the so called amusement parks, but I thought it would be a great experience to go for a ride to 135 m (443ft) in a glass cabin. When we started climbing and I saw the earth slowly fall away beneath my feet, I began to regret my decision. Luckily, I was trapped up there in the sky and had nowhere to go but up. See more photos from the ride here.


The Stonehenge.

I’ve been wanting to see the Stonehenge ever since I was a little girl and finally my dream came true. I love ancient monuments because they are eternally shrouded in mystery and provide a physical link to a time long gone. Ancient places are mystical. Touching something that’s been around for thousands of years makes me feel like I’m touching the very fabric of time, as if it’s been absorbed by the object. Unfortunately I was unable to touch anything at Stonehenge because of the severely restricted access. I was only able to gaze at it from afar and contemplate the mystery of the place from behind the fence meant to keep all visitors seemingly half a mile away. But even contemplating was hard, because the Stonehenge is situated right smack in the middle between two big highways. Yeah. Noise pollution and traffic are super mysterious. They really add to the whole ancient feel. Reee-diculous.

Who was the genius -city-planning engineer who approved the construction of highways within meters of a world heritage site?! And it’s not like there was no other option; there are miles of empty, rolling land all around it and instead of moving the roads half a mile in either direction, somebody decided that those highways had to be built right there, in that exact spot. Right where they will ruin the view and the experience the most. Stupid.

Although London seemed so big and busy at first that it made me apprehensive, I still very much enjoyed visiting it and look forward to coming back at one point.

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There is no place like home.

Hello, hello, hello. I’m back from my European travels to my beautiful Vancouver. It’ been gloomy and rainy for 4 days straight since my return, but I love it. This weather is very conducive to working. My studio feels so much more cozy and warm when I hear the rush of rain and leaves outside my window.

It’s time for me to go back to work. I’m still recovering from flu I picked up while in Vienna or London (or could be anywhere for that matter), as well as very jet legged and slightly disoriented when it comes to day and night. For some reason I always find it much harder to re-adjust to Pacific time than to any other time zone. On the other hand, I love waking up while it’s still dark. The day feels so much longer and more productive this way.

My trip was amazing, naturally. Aside from getting extremely ill at the worst possible time, right before the big show, everything went swimmingly. Chad and I met lots of amazing people and made new friends. I want to express our gratitude to our gracious and generous hosts who provided us with housing throughout this trip: Helene in Paris, Ilona in London, Elita in Vienna and Strychnin gallery staff in Cologne -Thank you. What a great time we had! Also, we got to meet and hang out with some local fans and clients of Enchanted Doll, and that was pretty amazing too. Thank you as well.

Starting Monday I’m going back to working on orders, but only part time, with the larger chunk of my time dedicated to working on new projects and developing new material for my upcoming shows, primarily, the big solo show in Berlin in 2010. Meanwhile I’ve got lots of pictures from the trip to organize and post. There will also be a few updates to the site as well that I’ve been wanting to do for ages, but couldn’t get around to it. So much to do……

Stay tuned for the pictures and some stories from the trip.