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My hand holding little, tattooed feet of my doll Lavanya.


My hand and feet in henna.


Me, having my feet done by Kree.

Ok, let me explain. Recently, I had a meeting with two curators of the Artful Henna group exhibition which I am taking part in this August in Seattle, USA. I will make one tattooed, porcelain doll for sale, and will provide more details later down the road. Anyway, they came down to Vancouver to meet up for lunch and discuss the details of the show, and it turned out that both of these ladies were traditional henna artists themselves, and offered to put some henna on me! Naturally, I agreed.


It was so interesting. I’ve never seen henna done in real time, and I couldn’t believe how quick the design materializes in the quick minds and fingers of the artists. I felt very pampered, like I was in a spa. And even though I had a tonne of work planned  for that afternoon, I cleared my schedule and took the rest of the day off to curl up on the couch with some fruit tea, watch a movie and take a nap while henna dried on my skin. What a pleasant day it was. For the next week wherever I went, everyone was complimenting me and asking me if I had gone to an Indian wedding. I loved the designs on my hand and arm so much, that I even briefly considered having that tattooed. But I don’t think I can go through with it. I’ll just make another tattooed doll instead.

I’m getting it done again this summer when I go up to Seattle for the show. I’ll be able to wear sandals when it’s warm and show off my feet too.