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I just received this beautiful, custom made case. Inside, are my two resin EDs: Kay and Clymenestra.

One of the gifts I had received for my birthday was a shadow box. I loved it so much, that I commissioned the participant who made it for me to make me a smaller one. My obsession with coffins and containment is well documented and this is another manifestation of it. I remember when Chad and I were in Sicily, we went to the Catacombs of the Capuchins to see the mummies, there was an exceptionally well preserved mummy of a little girl “Bambina” in a coffin with a glass lid. That really made an impression on me. I’m not sure what the impression was, but the memory of the experience had certainly stuck with me. I think it just served to further reinforce my interest in human boxes/coffins and the idea of confinement and preservation.


I really love this case. Thanks Jayne.


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I’m really excited about this, there is a small blurb about Enchanted Doll in the recent issue of German Vogue!  It’s a mention about my upcoming show in Berlin (Reminder: Opens June 11th, Strychnin Gallery) and features a photo of the Deep Sea Diver doll.


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Remember that giant Gothic style pillar and its side wings I carved a couple of months ago? Do you recognize those shapes in the structure of the cathedral crown? Guess where they came from. Yep-the pillar.

I rearranged the wax injections I had on hand to build them into this new structure. I butchered several pillars to harvest the elements I needed and spent about 70-80 hours tacking it all together for casting. It was much harder than I thought it would be because injection wax is not carving wax and has different properties. When cold, it’s so brittle that delicate parts just flake off at the slightest contact, while its low melting point makes it so runny, that it’s almost entirely unsuitable for this type of work. Basically, the way this project was made is a very unorthodox abomination and probably an insult to a proper jeweler.

Taking it apart and molding it was absolutely unthinkable and frankly, impossible-so, it remains one of its kind. After I had made it, I had some serious doubts about it even being castable. Although I wouldn’t have made it if I believed it impossible to cast, I was still very nervous that some parts may not come out because was is by far the craziest metal project I’ve ever done.

I was overwhelemed with releif and joy when it cast perfectly, like a little miracle.

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Inspired by bits and pieces of all kinds of things and experiences and without my full awareness, this project gestated in my thoughts for years, formulating and materializing into a coherent image, until one day the right piece of the puzzle fell just into the right place, crystallizing the idea into a strikingly clear form that quite literally, took my breath away. Startled and exhilarated by the suddenness of its coming, I studied the image burned into the backs of my eyelids with wonder, smiling at the beauty and completeness of it and thinking to my self that ah, yes, of course it had to look like this-it couldn’t possibly have been anything else. It was always this,  even if I couldn’t see it before: it was just a matter of circumstances and time until I did.


Although i think about art and my future projects nearly every waking minute, it’s not often that my inspiration takes a form of an intense, almost religious experience like this one. This was unique. It felt like, driven to the point of exhaustion from endless brainstorming and research my mind just snapped and transcended the boundaries of consciousness, crossing over into a creative abyss where everything is possible.

For a few seconds absolutely everything is clear, all the knowledge is laid bare, every vision is there and even the meaning of life is obvious, but then the mental curtain to the abyss closes again, pulling you back from the precipice of madness and leaving only a vague memory of the profoundness of the experience, allowing to carry away only one thing with you intact- that perfect vision of what you sought. Like a gift. Everything else is swiftly forgotten.


Cathedral was my gift. I hope it opens the flood gates for more beautiful pieces in this series.

This piece was primarily inspired by my obsession with European Gothic architecture. But I’m sure there are a couple dozen other sources of inspiration mixed in here. I’ve yet to identify them all.

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I’ve been working on this doll for a while and I’m absolutely infatuated with it. I think she is the best doll I ever made. But then again, I think that about every doll I just completed. But I do feel that she is very unique and different from everything I’ve ever made before. To me, she seems to signal some sort of a renewal, a new direction,  new inspiration and fresh blood, like a shot of adrenaline to the heart.

She is one of a kind. Her name is Cathedral and she is the first doll from the new, Architectural series, which presently exists only in the concept/research stage and it will be at least a year until I expect to complete the collection. Cathedral will take part in the Berlin show as a special preview for the next series, but she is the only doll that won’t be for sale just yet.

Fragility show at Strychnin will consist mostly of 15 one a kind-tattooed and nudes in new, metal head dresses. There will be an online preview for everyone on the Strychnin website.


I haven’t figured out how to photograph this doll yet. The cathedral head dress is very tricky to capture effectively an I’m still figuring out the best lighting that will show the piece best. More pictures to come.

You may recognize the cape from a while ago. It has a lot of Sterling Silver and Amethysts attached to it. The Cathedral itself is a one of a kind wax carving, also cast in Sterling. It’s quite heavy. In fact, this is the most silver I’ve ever used in a single doll. She is literally precious. I’ll tell you  more about it in the next post and show the wax carving. I think you might be a bit surprised to find how I made it.

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There’s a piece on Enchanted Doll in the latest issue of Bizarre Magazine.

The magazine is based out of the UK but I’m told it can be found across Europe and North America in larger newstands.

For those not familiar with Bizarre, they claim that “Only Bizarre brings you monthly instalments of the weirdest and most extreme content our planet has to offer. It will make your eyes pop and your jaw drop.”

If anyone gets their hands on a copy let me know, I have receive mine yet and I’m curious to see the article.

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Fragility 3

A couple quick notes on my upcoming show in Berlin, the opening will be June 11th, from 7-11pm, and both Chad and I will be in attendance.

There will be a preview of the show for those interested in purchasing a doll, on June 10th, please contact the Strychnin gallery for more information regarding that.

While this is the third poster featuring the deep sea diver, I assure you that there will be many other new and exciting dolls on display at the show.

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In response to my first post regarding these lotus shoes, there were some who questioned the authenticity of my shoe design on the grounds that the top part of the shoe is Han while the sole is Manchu-two different traditions and cultures. Although I have absolutely no problem with taking liberties with historical accuracy for the sake of achieving the highest expression of creativity possible, this particular project was actually entirely based on a real, authentic lotus shoe. And now I give you the source for my inspiration. Behold this antique beauty!

This picture is from a book written by one of my favorite authors, Beverly Jackson. It’s called “Splendid Slippers: A thousand years of an erotic tradition”, and this photograph is from page 106. Here is an excerpt from the text:


“Exceptionally rare silver couched, pink slipper, length 4 inches. Although made for a bound foot, the shoe sits on a Manchu-style mid-sole wooden pedestal painted white, height 1 1/2 inches. It probably belonged to the Han Chinese concubine of a Manchu gentleman, thus explaining the unusual fusion of styles.” -Beverly Jackson

It’s a wonderful book which is one of my prized possessions. I bought it a couple of years ago and as soon as I saw the picture of this little shoe, I knew I was going to make it. It’s just so exquisite. I’ve actually recently had the honor of becoming personally acquainted with the author, which is an interesting story for another time.


And here is more silver shoes. I had them gold plated and painted with synthetic-based enamel. I really enjoyed playing with colors, but it’s actually really difficult to lay the paint on evenly on such a small surface and then get the shades of color to come out right after thermal stabilizing aka, baking. You may think that your blue is the blue you want, but the temperature changes and distorts the tones, which makes it difficult to guess what it’s going to end up looking like in the end. Also, they are really tiny shoes and, well, let’s just say I cursed a lot while painting them.


But I’m more than pleased with the results. Which one is your favorite?