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After months of insane work pace and incredible mental strain, Chad and I are finally in Berlin, resting up before the show. There is still work to do though, as I have to unpack  and set up the dolls and give some media interviews scheduled by the gallery. But it’s a very pleasant and easy type of work compared to what’s already been accomplished. This is what relief feels like.

Above is a sneak crop of a one of a kind tattooed doll from the show. Her removable hair combs are Sterling Silver replicas of the kingfisher ornaments. You might have seen them before in my “Gemini” shot. I bought them in a second hand shop thinking they were authentic kingfisher, but they turned out to be fakes. I re-cast them in Sterling silver and painted them in with synthetic enamel in a pointalist style to mimic that rich texture and iridescence, characteristic to authentic kingfisher jewelry. I love how they turned out.

Tomorrow I’ll post something from the show set up.