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Something awesome has happened in Basel aside from the art fair this year: I finally met in person my kindred spirit, a fellow artist and a long time internet friend- Nati.

After years of making plans to visit each other, fate has finally intervened and decreed that Nati and I should be in Basel, Switzerland at the same time. Even after we made plans to meet in a certain place at a certain time in Basel, we actually ended up accidentally running into each other point blank in a completely different place in Basel. Turns out it’s a small city. Or a small world. It was a pleasant surprise, though neither of us recognized the other at first, or simply refused to believe that we could just run into each other like that in a city that was foreign to us both.

We spent the rest of the somewhat warm afternoon hanging out on the bank of river Rhine, nibbling on snacks and drinking these really cool miniature bottles of wine. Both, mini wine bottles and the whole drinking outside thing were a very exotic novelty to me, because outdoor drinking is illegal in Vancouver. The whole experience was very pleasant and I even got a little sun burn.

Nati is awesome. I’m so glad we finally met. Even if the circumstances were a little strange.

Don’t know who Nati is?  Find out by checking out her site.