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Fortunatar 2010


This porcelain doll is wearing a one of a kind, sterling silver crown and an East Indian wedding saree over her thick, silky and exceptionally long hair. Her face is a new limited edition design inspired by the ancient Kama Sutra paintings. The crown style is influenced by both Russian and Turkish headdresses and although very tall and intricate, it is very light.

Fortu-n-atar is my fictional deity of the trading caravan routes who protects and helps navigate the caravans to safety in the harsh and dangerous environment of the world’s deserts. Although she is very rarely seen, the sound of singing dunes can signal her divine presence and protection.

Sometimes the eerie sound of singing dunes can be accompanied by a distant, shimmering mirage of a beautiful, young woman with copper-colored skin a bright veil standing in the hot sands, which is considered to be a sign of great luck and fortune. Such rare sightings are revered as an extraordinary blessing; however, one must never try to approach the mirage, as this act can bring ill fortune, financial ruin and even death to the traders and travelers who experience it.

Olga Larina. 2010


Porcelain doll in a Limited Edition Sterling silver Bonnet and one of a kind, remodeled Sterling Silver shoes. Wig is magnetic. Bonnet is removable and attaches with a pin and a bow.

This doll is based on a literary character from Eugin Onegin novel by Alexander Pushkin. Eugin Onegin is a brilliant novel in verse, set in the 18th century Russia and Olga is the younger sister of the main protagonist of the story Tatiana Larina, and the more traditional symbol of feminine beauty of the two women.

Unlike her unconventional, dark-haired and slightly Emo sister, Olga is a perfect Romantic heroine, and her perfection makes her almost uninteresting in the eyes of the author to develop her character in great depth. It is after all Tatiana’s story, not Olga’s, but both of the sisters suffer from tragic love and loss in different ways. This is how Pushkin describes Olga. I tried to capture his words in my own language of porcelain.

Of Olga…..

Всегда скромна, всегда послушна,
Всегда как утро весела,
Как жизнь поэта простодушна,
Как поцелуй любви мила;
Глаза, как небо, голубые,
Улыбка, локоны льняные,
Движенья, голос, легкий стан,
Все в Ольге… но любой роман
Возьмите и найдете верно
Ее портрет: он очень мил,
Я прежде сам его любил,
Но надоел он мне безмерно.

Of Olga. Loose translation.

Always modest, always obedient,
Always cheerful as the morning,
Simple as a poet’s life,
And sweet as a kiss of love;
Eyes blue like the sky,
Smile, hair as linen,
Movement, voice, and easy grace,
All in Olga … But take any romance
and find her portrait to be
Very lovely indeed,
I used to be infatuated with it,
But it has bored me immensely.

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So, I’m a big fan of True Blood. It’s a show about vampires and humans co-existing almost peacefully in modern society. It’s a really interesting show and a good parallel to social equality movement such women’s rights and gay rights.

I’m not particularly into vampires, and I especially despise Twilight, having only seen previews for the movies. But True Blood is alright; it’s original, because it gives human vs supernatural theme a somewhat new slant. Oh, and it’s full of all kinds of entertaining things most cable channels would consider too vulgar to show. The narrative is very engaging too. And Alexander Skarsgard is in it. Needless to say, it’s my favorite show right now.

So, imagine how delighted I was to hear a brief mention of Elizabeth Bathory in the last episode! No, not my doll, but the actual person. I mean, whoa, I had just made a doll of her! And they bring her up in the show! I almost fell off the chair when I heard it.

Anyway. The doll Elizabeth Bathory was just sold a couple of days ago. Amalgamation is gone too. Only three dolls remain available at this point: Virgin, Olga and Fortunatar.

Man, I still can’t get over the coincidence. It’s like the universe knew!