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The dolls that will be shown at the “Fragility” show in Berlin at the Strychnin gallery have been unveiled.

You can see them on the gallery’s website at, clicking “for sale” and then “Fragility”, or you can click right here.

If you need to see more, which I anticipate many of you will, additional shots have been uploaded to flickr, with a few more going up later.

Now back to setting up the show, need to get these girls ready for their big live debut.

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Berlin Fragility

Getting closer to the opening of my “Fragility” show in Berlin, and while Chad and I were walking around Berlin enjoying the heat we kept seeing these interesting posters…

It’s a weird feeling to see your name and your work around town, it would be strange around your own town, but even stranger in a town on the other side of the planet!

More preview shots of the dolls will be posted soon, but for now I need to return to preparing for the show and fighting this jet lag.

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After months of insane work pace and incredible mental strain, Chad and I are finally in Berlin, resting up before the show. There is still work to do though, as I have to unpack  and set up the dolls and give some media interviews scheduled by the gallery. But it’s a very pleasant and easy type of work compared to what’s already been accomplished. This is what relief feels like.

Above is a sneak crop of a one of a kind tattooed doll from the show. Her removable hair combs are Sterling Silver replicas of the kingfisher ornaments. You might have seen them before in my “Gemini” shot. I bought them in a second hand shop thinking they were authentic kingfisher, but they turned out to be fakes. I re-cast them in Sterling silver and painted them in with synthetic enamel in a pointalist style to mimic that rich texture and iridescence, characteristic to authentic kingfisher jewelry. I love how they turned out.

Tomorrow I’ll post something from the show set up.