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The Silk Road. 2010
$15,000 USD
A one of a kind, ball jointed, Porcelain doll with intricate engravings of the henna motif on her limbs. Her one of a kind Sterling Silver headdress weighing 36.5 grams is assembled from multiple, prefabricated components and set with 17 Fresh Water Pearls.  The detachable Natural Mohair wig is magnetic and a decorative Glass dome display is included with the doll.

The Silk Road will become available for sale on August 7th, at the Artful Henna exhibition in the Art Not Terminal Gallery, Seattle, USA. You can contact the director of Artful Henna exhibition Kree Arvanitas for purchasing inquiries at artfulhenna.com






I’ll be posting some more close ups and portraits of Silk in two other wigs (not included) on August 7th, on the opening night.

I’ll be away until then and will not be available to answer any questions in regards to this doll or the show until I return to the studio. For once, I’m unable to bring my laptop with me. You can certainly write me while I’m away and I will address any inquiries as soon as I’m back. Enjoy the pictures. Ta Ta.