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So, I’m a West Coast girl. And a city girl on top of that. But, contradictory to loving Down Town, I am a big nature lover as well. That’s why I LOOOOVE going camping in the summer. My favorite place to go is Bear Creek National Park on the Okanagan Lake. When we were new immigrants in Canada, my parents and my sisters and I used to go there every summer, but now my sisters are too old and too cool to hang out with their folks, and so the annual camping tradition at Bear Creek park has been carried on mostly by Chad and I. And I have to drag Chad there while he is kicking and screaming.

I don’t understand that. It’s such a beautiful place. I guess it’s because there is no Internet connection there. I kinda missed it too. He is a good sport though, once he gets used to the idea, though he always manages to get sick while we’re there. This time he had to get a prescription of antibiotics on the second day of camping after developing an infection promptly on our arrival. Therefore, he didn’t swim very much. Poor Chadasaurus.

That camping ground is very difficult to get into because it’s incredibly beautiful, and we had to fight for our reservations for a whole week, 4 months in advance.


This time we went with another couple instead of my parents, (Apparently my parents were also too cool to hang out with me) and we had loads of fun. We swam in the lake, we explored, we climbed, we visited local vineyards and honey farms, we swam through a canyon to secret waterfalls, we relaxes, we watched a wicked thunderstorm and we speed boated. One time we even thought we saw the legendary Ogopogo monster while we boated, which is said to inhabit the enormous Okanagan lake much like the Loch Ness, but upon further inspection we realized it wasn’t the coils of the prehistoric serpent we were seeing, but a wake of the waves generated by the wind. It was pretty scary though for a few moments, because it looked like something alive was slithering in and out of the water. I see how some people could mistake that for some sort of a creature from a distance. Perhaps the waves are the only real basis for the whole, centuries-old myth.


This is me on one of our Bear Creek Canyon expeditions. You can’t see it in the picture, but I’m standing on the edge of the water fall. I’m scared of heights, and I didn’t want to venture too close. We had to navigate a river bed with low water levels which was littered with enormous boulders and log debris for an hour to get to a remote water fall. My friend lost her shoe to the swift current on the way. I wore aqua socks ( kinda like rock climbing shoes) and could scale treacherous rocks with relative ease, although I was always scared of breaking my legs. The creek runs with glacier water and is very cold, but in the overwhelming heat of Okanagan, the coldness was welcome. It was awesome.

Oh, and I also had some henna done right before we left. Like my doll, Silk Road.


Does anybody know any other beautiful camping sites with adventures?