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I met one of my favorite contemporary artists and fellow Vancouverite Camilla D’errico this week! I found out about her work when I was still in art school, and it’s been inspiring me ever since.

We’ve been planning to meet for some time, but our busy schedules kept getting in the way. We rarely seem to be in the same city at the same time. Finally, we went out for some gelato in Yale Town, Vancouver and talked for hours about art, dolls, Helmet Girls and True Blood. Apparently, she is also a fan of the show. I had a deadline to finish a wax model the next day, but I couldn’t tear myself away-she is such an engaging and an easy-going girl. We seem to have a lot in common, her and I. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that she is my height! Well, a little bit taller, but it was so great to be the same eye level with somebody for once.

I’m so happy to finally know the person behind the art.