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This is just a little something from my doll closet. It’s Sapphire wearing an extra casting of the two-horned helmet. Did I mention that this helmet was inspired by my beloved artist Sulamith Wulfing?


This one appears to be one of her earlier drawings from when she was only 27 years old, prctically the same age as me. I’m 28.

I’ve always loved this particular drawing not just for its haunting beauty, but because it contains the stylistic characteristics of both her earlier, as well as her later work; it captures the gradual transition between styles, like a still frame of her creative process and represents a moment in time when  Sulamith’s distict and unique style was beginning to truly establish and solidify itself into its mature form.

I value this little drawing because it’s like a nostalgic, Polaroid snap shot of Sulamith’s Wulfing search for her creative identity and her own creative language of symbols with which to express her fantastical inner world.

One day I hope to make a spiritual pilgrimage to her home in Germany, to experience for myself the place where she had lived, worked and died, and to be close to her original paintings, which are still hanging on the walls of her house. I hope that I may see the original of this drawing as well.

I still have to find out where exactly her home is located. All I know is that it’s in the Eilberfeld disctict of Wuppertal, on the slope above river Gelpe. Her address is not exactly advertised. Google Maps tells me that there is a street named Sulamith-Wulfing Strasse in the city, but I’m not sure if that’s in the same place as her home.  If I can’t find it, then I’m fully prepared to just go to Wuppertal and wonder around town asking strangers if they know where Sulamith Wulfing’s house is. I’m sure I’ll get a lead eventually.

Perhaps one among you, my dear readers, may have visited the house of this amazing aritst and knows where and how it can be visited? I would appreciate any help in finding my way to Sulamith Wulfing-the source of my inspiration.

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Experimenting with different looks for Noire.


I even made one wig in acrylic hair to mix things up a bit.

Which one is your favorite?

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I’m pleased to announce that the Enchanted Doll tins have finally arrived and are now available for purchase!

It took four of us just over an hour to unload an entire container of these, but the next day I was sore all over and covered in bruises. A big thank you to our helpers- we would have there all day without you, and I would have been even more bruised.

Those of you who are interested in owning one or several of these beautiful tins can now place your order by emailing us at with the text “ED tin order” in the subject line.

Chad and I are leaving on October 2nd and will be gone most of month, so we only have two weeks to take and mail out your box orders before we go. We’ll do as many as we can manage, but feel free to place your requests while we’re away and we can process and ship them out once we return in late October/ early November.

Boxes are $49.00 CND each. Shipping will be quoted to your specific location and will depend on the number of boxes you want. If you are a Canadian resident in another province there is a 5% tax depending on which province you are in exactly. No taxes for international orders. Shipping is world wide.

Feel free to email us with any questions about the boxes.

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Purchasing information coming later this week.

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Attention Enchanted Doll fans of New York: My beautiful Silk Road doll is continuing her tour of the USA. After debuting in Seattle’s Artful Henna show in August, she’s gone on to New York city to be exhibited at the Red Bull Space in the SoHo district during New York fashion week!

I had decided to change her short cropped hair style to long, blond locks and in the spirit of fashion, gave her a pair of Bronze stilettos to fit in with the the runway models.

Chad and I almost flew to New York for the weekend to attend the event ourselves, but then we found that Canada Customs is about to release the entire container of new ED tin boxes any day, which means we have to be here to receive and unload the shipment at our warehouse storage with only 24 hours notice. Timing was bad.

But that’s ok, because there are talks of doing an Enchanted Doll exhibition in NY in 2011 or 2012.

Meanwhile, the Beauty had sold. I couldn’t decide whether to be happy or sad about that. Although I have a very strict policy of not getting attached to my work, I did grow very fond of her. I hope to see her one last time in London this fall before she leaves forever.

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I love containers. I love organizing, containing and compartmentalizing things, not just possessions, but the world. Everything has to be sorted, arranged, grouped, classified and put in its own little box or drawer somewhere in my mind and in my home. But there can’t be too many things in the boxes, because then life gets cluttered. When I get something new, I always throw away two of something old, to keep things light and manageable in my drawers. Now, I’m not a psychiatrist, but I think this might indicate some subconscious control issues. But anyway.


I’ve always had a soft spot for apothecary chests and tin boxes. In my compulsive need to control and organize everything in my life, I’m always drawn to elegant organizing solutions, and ever since the inception of Enchanted Doll in 2004, I’ve been dreaming about creating very elegant, fancy packaging for the elegant Enchanted Dolls. For a long time, it was impossible, but with the impending release of my new resin line I realized that the time had come.

And finally, I have it! Introducing the new Enchanted Doll tin with 3 custom designs in a beautiful matte finish, and a form fitting foam insert. But the best part of it is, aside from being included with a doll order, you can buy as many as you want separately to store your other ED dolls and goodies in them, such as clothes, accessories, wigs and even things unrelated to dolls, such as cookies. Mmm…coooookies.

They are so beautiful, that I already appropriated several of them for storage of my selection of finest, custom mohair strands, my paints and my ongoing sewing and beading projects. I’m in compartmentalizing heaven!


I also like the fact that the padding can be easily pulled out and two dolls can fit in the box. That will help me a lot when I travel with them, as I’m always desperate for suitcase space. But ideally of course, every doll should have its own box for maximum protection during storage and transportation.

The designs featured on the boxes were commissioned from Nati and Lost fish and I’m grateful to them both for their beautiful contribution to Enchanted Doll. I did the ED logos for two of the designs and my dear Chadasaurus did digital layout and formatting of the prints. It was a joint effort that took nearly a year of work and I would like to thank everyone involved in this project.

I’ll be posting more pictures shortly. These ones didn’t turn out very well in the poor lighting.

Each box will retail at $49.00 CND+shipping. If you’re in Canada, then there is also a 12% tax.

By the way, that doll in the middle box is the birthday 2010 prize doll, ready to be shipped out to the 1st place winner in its new beautiful box.

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Beauty and the Beast, or the Stockholm syndrome in fairy tales.

The Stockholm syndrome is a human defense mechanism in life-threatening situations. Medical dictionaries define Stockholm syndrome as “an extraordinary phenomenon in which a hostage begins to identify with and grow sympathetic to their captor, essentially mistaking a lack of abuse as an act of kindness.”

In my opinion, the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast is a romanticized hostage situation, where the Beast is a narcissistic sociopath, while the Beauty is his vulnerable hostage who is losing touch with reality and “falling in love” with her captor to survive a deeply traumatizing ordeal.

Moreover, the very act of romanticizing a fundamentally disturbing account of a woman’s abduction, subjugation and unlawful imprisonment into a pretty fairy tale to teach girls compassion and kindness towards monsters, seems to be a manifestation of a Stockhom syndrome in itself, perhaps to facilitate survivial in a world of systematic abuse and violence against women.

Materials and Construction:
Ball jointed, porcelain doll, unique steel spring articulation, permanent China paint finish, hand cast limited edition Sterling Silver helmet with one of a kind accents of Bali silver, detachable French bridal veil with Swarowsky and Cubic Zirconium crystals, hand cast Sterling Silver stilettos, Grey Moonstone cabochon pendant, Bali silver accessories, floral motif engraving on arms and abdomen inspired by William Morris print, removable magnetic wig of ultra-fine natural Mohair, genuine leather lining in the joints and a custom welded steel stand.

Available for sale at the SHOWstudio gallery in London.

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This is my little modeling head. I design and carve my wax models for metal casting on her. She was supposed to become a beautiful doll 2 years ago, but I dropped the head just as I was about to put the last spring through her, and it fell right on the steel hammer under my desk and shattered. Then I cried, because she was about 3 seconds away from being complete. This is the only time I’ve ever broken a doll during assembly. And now she lives on as my head prototype.


Back to the present. This helmet was inspired by an illustration of my beloved artist Sulamith Wulfing. I’ve been wanting to make it for a long time, but kept getting diverted away from it by other commitments. And now I feel a sort of creative pressure relief after having released something I’ve been suppressing for months. I was just about ready to explode there. Feels good.


The ivy tattoes on Beauty’s arms and abdomen are directly inspired by another favorite artist of mine, who was a very influential figure in the birth of modern design, William Morris. Although his influence is always present in my work indirectly, it takes a very direct form on the body of Beauty. I’m usually not a big fan of sleeve tattoos, but I wanted to push the boundaries of my discomfort zone and experiment with the concept to create elegant and delicate wrap around designs that would look feminine and soft on her slender arms.

Engraving this tattoo has challenged all my previously established notions of intricacy when it comes to doll tattooing. The leafs especially, were driving me crazy.

Her veil is very soft French Bridal lace with tiny Swarowsky and cubic zirconium crystals attached to it for sparkle. I love overindulging in ornamentation and it was very difficult for me to resist draping the veil in beads and pearls from top to bottom. But I was trying to create the impression of lightness and mystique with this doll, and over-beading the veil was weighing her down visually and destroying its subtle elegance and grace. So, I limited myself to attaching the tiny crystals for a light, shimmering effect only. It was tough though.

Well, Beauty and the Beast should be in London on Monday. Unfortunatly I won’t make it to the opening as I still have some things to do in the studio before I leave for Europe again, but I will be stopping by London sometime in mid October.

I have more pictures of her to show, but I’m pacing myself. More coming tomorrow.