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I originally intended for this to be a night robe of sorts, but then it somehow evloved. It could still work as a fancy night robe and be dressed up or dressed down. Love the flower combs. I think I’ll try doing more colors.

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The face of Vega

Vega is a very bright star located in the constellation of Lyra only 25 light years from Earth. Fourteen thousand years ago it used to be our North Pole star and will be so again in another eleven thousand years. Meanwhile it’s still one of the most brilliant stars in our night sky, captivating our imagination and inspiring a magical sense of wonder at the mysteries of the universe.


The face Andromeda

Andromeda is a captivatingly beautiful and mysterious, spiral galaxy approximately two and a half million light years from Earth. It was named after princess Andromeda from Greek mythology, who was also breathtakingly beautiful. The Andromeda Galaxy is approaching the Milky Way Galaxy at around 140 km per second and is expected to collide with us in approximately 4.5 billion years, perhaps creating a new, elliptical galaxy. Maybe then we will discover some of the secrets it hides within its luminous haze.


The face of Cassiopeia

In Greek Mythology Queen Cassiopeia was Andromeda’s mother. She was a vain and proud woman who boasted of her striking beauty, earning herself the wrath of the gods. Today, Cassiopeia is a constellation of the northern sky, whose distinct W shape dominates the skies with her presence and like a beautiful queen, commands the admiration of all who gaze at her.

More new resin dolls coming in December.

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