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Happy New Year!

Chad and I spent the remainder of the Old Year with two dozen of our old friends from high school and university, on a week-long vacation in the remote winter wonderland of British Columbian Interior. It was so cold! We ice skated on the frozen lake, played hockey, skied and I had lots of down time to lay around in the cozy log cabin, drink Baileys-spiked hot chocolate and read the Golden Compass. We celebrated the last moments of 2010 and the first minutes of 2011 by going out onto the dark, frozen expanse of the lake to watch the incredibly bright stars, have fireworks and drink champagne, which quickly froze in the -20°C. I saw 3 falling stars and made three wishes for the new year. It was wonderful!


I didn’t make any dolls this week, but i did get to paint real people, when one night someone approached me with a box of face paint and a request to paint his face for fun. While I made him into a bunny-butterfly (a very dangerous and totally real creature), there formed a line up of others who wanted their face done. I spent the night painting my friends into bears, tigers, scarred pirates and other strange creatures. It was my work fix for the week and it was awesome!


Now I’m back and itching for some doll painting. Luckily there is never a shortage of projects around here and I’ve got lots of things planned and in progress. I’ve been keeping them a secret from you, but it’s time I begin to reveal them one by one. There are some announcements coming up regarding shows, birthday contest, new dolls and other things- so stay tuned!

It will be a great year!