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Some more shots of the three shoe pendants mentioned in my last blog post.

Bright Silver Finish:



Gray Silver Finish



Flatback – Gray Silver Finish



Scale shot:


Those of you who were interested in ordering one please email me (

A sterling silver pendant is $120 CAD.

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Probably like many other girls, ever since I was little, I was infatuated with the notion of Cinderella’s lost glass slipper. It is probably the most magical and famous fairy tale in the history of all fairy tales, while the image of this supposedly  beautiful slipper is always so elusive and captivating and absolutely irresistible. I have a theory that the reason the tale of Cinderella is the most recognizable fairy tale in the West is because it appeals to feminine sensibilities with a plot line about romantic love, an extreme make over, a family drama and a pair of beautiful shoes. I believe there are currently a multitude of wildly popular reality TV shows concerning those exact same plot points. The formula works.

I always wondered what Cinderella’s extraordinary slippers looked like, and of course I always wanted to wear one of them, just one for some reason, as if the lost mysterious slipper was more magical than the completed pair. And now Cinderella’s lost slipper is found!


I’ve been getting requests to convert a Marie-Antoinette shoe into a pendant by drilling a hole in it, but I found that option undesirable, as the shoe was a bit to wide to hang flat around the neck. So, I modified a shoe by making it quite a bit smaller and narrower, specifically to be worn as jewelry. It can be ordered too!


There are two finishing options for Cinderella Slipper Pendant: in gray sterling silver(above) and in bright sterling silver (below).



There is also a flat-back slipper option, where Marie-Antoinette shoe has been cut in half. The advantage of a flat back slipper is that it sits flatter on the skin because it’s flat on one side. Also, it’s lighter than the full slipper and can be made into earrings. Here is the difference between a full slipper pendant and the flat back pendant:


This is a flat back Cinderella Slipper pendant in action:



There you have it. Cinderella Slipper Pendant.

I’m just about to mail out all the January shoe orders, and if some of you who ordered a pair of shoes want to have a slipper pendant added to your package, I can certainly do that. I only have a few of them on hand though, as this was my first casting. Those of you who were interested in ordering one please email me ( All the January shoes are going out tomorrow or Wednesday.

A sterling silver pendant is $120 CAD.

A pair of sterling silver earrings is $230 CAD

Which shoe is your favorite?

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Like I mentioned before, there were three contestants who’ve actually guessed my current projects. It felt weird; as if these people were peering into my soul. Here is guess number one, made by Noxy. This is her entry.

And this one is my current project: Domestic Abuse.


Although our concepts are a little bit different, the theme of captivity and abuse are shared. In my project this captivity is emotional and figurative, while in Noxy’s proposal it is physical and literal, with a bit of a kinky slant.

Noxy, you get a little gift for guessing this doll!

I wasn’t going to show her until much later when she is finished and costumed, but when I saw your proposal, I thought it was a sign from the universe to unveil and expedite this project.

Actually, once I had taken this photo, I became really disturbed by it, as it reminded me of the infamous murder and crime scene of  Black Dahlia. It was unintentional on my part.

My doll is not supposed to be dead; just battered by her abusive, controlling and jealous husband. It’s still in progress. I’m deciding what kind of costuming would me most appropriate for a message of awareness. It’s scary for me to think that there are many, many men in this world who objectify women as if they are only dolls to be possessed by them and shared with no one.

Well, on that note: Guessed project number 2 is coming up.

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Now that I had a few days of rest from the contest-related work, I would like to come back to it with some thoughts. Like I said before, some contest ideas really corresponded with my own and reminded me of some drawings I had made for them over the course of a few years. I thought it’s a good time to review them alongside with the contest entries I received from others. Go to the link to see their submissions. The following are my sketches.


Eliza and I had the same idea of a conjoined twin doll. Well, similar.


A few people (Els, Carmelo, Kelly S., Ana S., Yana, Signe (Jon), had similar ideas to my own, of captivity-themed dolls, particularly the chastity belt was popular.



Maura, Gretchen, Maria, and Clemintine, also thought about the hybrid tree-female. It’s a captivating idea, that doesn’t translate well into a ball-jointed doll. It’s not impossible, but it would be difficult to make.


Amarilli, Petya, Laura, Maria, Katrina have suggested a cage dress idea, and I dug up that these drawings in my sketchbook. Although I’ve been trying to work it out for a long time, I haven’t really committed to this project yet. It has a lot of potential, I think.


Little Red Riding Hood Enchanted Doll was suggested by Kate, Maria, Jessica, and Alessandra. This is my sketch from 2007. I should make it into a doll already.


Invisigothgrrrl proposed a Minotaur doll, and I found this sketch in my traveling sketchbook dating back to Florence, Italy 2007.


Sara and Tatiana amongst some others have suggested a warrior doll, and I remembered when I dreamed about this armored doll and then waking up and drawing it down in the corner of my sketchbook.


Christina and Petya proposed these head dresses, and here is my version of them, also from a while back. I haven’t had time to develop them further.


Adriatzin submitted a proposal for a miscarriage doll and I was blown away by how similar the representation was to my own. Except my wasn’t pregnant and had a Gothic cathedral tattoo on the torso. But the blood swirl tattoos are remarkably similar. Only my concept for this doll was not a miscarriage, but an abortion in favor of reproductive choice. And now the cat is out of the bag. Too bad it won’t be a surprise. Oh well.

There are three other entries who’ve actually guessed the projects I’m currently working on right now. I think I will save them for the next post, sometime this week perhaps. I think you’ll like them.

I noticed there was a recurrent problem of noncompliance with the contest rules regarding the word limit.  Some participants have either ignored or misunderstood the limit, and sent me whole essays about their entries. The word limit was in place to 1) force people to be concise with their entries, and 2) because I’m just one person and can’t spend weeks reading through entries. By not-complying with the rules of the contest, you, my dear contestants, may have accidentally sabotaged your own chances to win.

Please read the rules more carefully next year. They will be different.

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From the moment I saw this entry in the email inbox, I knew it was a contender. It encompassed everything that I hoped this contest would be, from the early brainstorming stages to the final presentation. I can see the process involved, yet it isn’t overwhelming and excessive in it’s information. She stuck to the contest outlines, and came up with a great entry. I look at them as a triptych, but really, it’s the Doppelganger idea that is the true winning entry. It has this mysterious “how would that look in 3d” feel to it that keeps drawing me back to it, as if my mind is trying to solve the puzzle of how to make it. I love working out projects, and I sense that with this piece.

The 7 runners up will receive special gifts from me, while the 2nd and 3rd entries will receive even more special gifts, but the grand prize of the nude doll goes to Amal for her beautiful, thoughtful, and challenging submission. The grand prize doll will be a variation of a Lily doll.

THANK YOU to everyone who entered, I loved all the entries. I’ve been going back and forth through them all day and I am still amazed at all the great ideas. Congratulations are in order for everyone, as you all came up with very creative ideas. I’m already looking forward to the 4th annual contest next year!

Once again, Congrats to Amal!

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Valentine by KarolinFelix

I liked this one when I looked at it, but became really intrigued by the idea of a transparent filigree torso, once I read the proposal. This hadn’t occurred to me before. I like how the artist addressed the practical issue of the fragility of porcelain given such a narrow waist, but proposing that it’s made entirely of metal. I want to make this doll!


by Amal

I love this project not as three separate entries, but as a triptych. They are most effective not separately, but together. The most intriguing is the idea of capturing the idea of time travel and non-linear perspective within one doll. I think It’s a very challenging concept to address, and a very ambitions one to propose. I would love to see more cards in this series!

by Maura

I adore this entry for the beautiful rendering of Anne Boleyn and the rendering of the idea of her being the mother to Queen Elizabeth the Great through a gorgeous tattoo. I particularly like the creative solution to the clothing vs tattoo conflict:  one usually has to exist at the expense of the other, but in this piece both function together as a whole.

The top ten candidates all displayed a completeness that I look for in the entries: An interesting, coherent idea, effectively articulated and  combined with a beautiful presentation, originality and emotion. It was very hard to choose, and I wish I could  make twenty winners instead of just one, because there are many good proposals.

These are the top three that really speak to me, but who will be the winner?

I’ll decide by midnight. That’s all I’ve been doing all day. :)

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It was a very difficult ordeal to try and pick a winner from all the fabulous entries. A big thank you to everyone who entered, such great and diverse talent out there. I’m honored to have such fans.

I have narrowed it down to my ten favourite entries. One amongst them will be named the winner.

They are listed in no particular order:

A Jui Gui by Ran

“Through endless night she walks alone, never stopping, never resting, weeping for her daughter. She is lost in the shadows, swallowed by her inner universe, shattered to a million pieces reflecting bits and pieces. She stumbles in her dress, once dark gray, now pale and faded, but doesn’t stop. Her black hair loose, blending into the eternal darkness. Once lavishly decorated, no jewels adorn her now, her neck bare and defenseless. Once the most happy, she now forever mourns her heart, left in the hands of that the most beloved, the one who took it all. In this dark void, the nowhere place, she weeps for her lost child, life and love.

She is the shadow of Anne Boleyn.”

Anne Boleyn by Iris

Rozalba by Madaline

Valentine by KarolinFelix

The Soprano by Miss LK


by Amal

By Emily

by Maura

by Adriatzin

Laila: The Spider Woman by J. David

The grand prize winner will be announced before midnight Pacific time.

Here comes the hardest part.

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My birthday is here, which means the annual birthday contest is also here.


All the entries have been posted online, here.

There are so many great entries that I’m still narrowing it down. A final announcement will be made later today.

Thank you to everyone who entered and to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

So check out the entries and choose your favourites while I choose mine.

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I almost can’t believe it: After two years of work and with only a few more weeks of embroidery left to go, Empress Cixi‘s extravagant robe is almost complete! This is a bad snapshot, though. But I was too impatient to set up the proper light kit for an unfinished piece.

Over the last two years, it required a ridiculous number of hours to embroider this mammoth; so many, that i lost count somewhere after six hundred. This is my Titanic.

I haven’t began making the shoes yet; a pair of pretty Manchu slippers on tall pedestals. However, I’ve been having second thoughts about them lately. This is supposed to be her ‘wedding’ night robe when she became Xian Feng Emperor’s concubine, and I’m beginning to think that the shoes would be almost inappropriate in this composition. But I do love making shoes just for the sake of making shoes….so…it’s a tough call for me. Perhaps it could be some sort of a variation of high pedestal bed chamber slippers, I donno…..What do you think: shoes or no shoes?

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Nothing new, just assembling lots of shoes for February orders. This and sorting out the contest entries have been my primary objective for the past week.


Annina, this one is for you.