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Valentine by KarolinFelix

I liked this one when I looked at it, but became really intrigued by the idea of a transparent filigree torso, once I read the proposal. This hadn’t occurred to me before. I like how the artist addressed the practical issue of the fragility of porcelain given such a narrow waist, but proposing that it’s made entirely of metal. I want to make this doll!


by Amal

I love this project not as three separate entries, but as a triptych. They are most effective not separately, but together. The most intriguing is the idea of capturing the idea of time travel and non-linear perspective within one doll. I think It’s a very challenging concept to address, and a very ambitions one to propose. I would love to see more cards in this series!

by Maura

I adore this entry for the beautiful rendering of Anne Boleyn and the rendering of the idea of her being the mother to Queen Elizabeth the Great through a gorgeous tattoo. I particularly like the creative solution to the clothing vs tattoo conflict:  one usually has to exist at the expense of the other, but in this piece both function together as a whole.

The top ten candidates all displayed a completeness that I look for in the entries: An interesting, coherent idea, effectively articulated and  combined with a beautiful presentation, originality and emotion. It was very hard to choose, and I wish I could  make twenty winners instead of just one, because there are many good proposals.

These are the top three that really speak to me, but who will be the winner?

I’ll decide by midnight. That’s all I’ve been doing all day. :)

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It was a very difficult ordeal to try and pick a winner from all the fabulous entries. A big thank you to everyone who entered, such great and diverse talent out there. I’m honored to have such fans.

I have narrowed it down to my ten favourite entries. One amongst them will be named the winner.

They are listed in no particular order:

A Jui Gui by Ran

“Through endless night she walks alone, never stopping, never resting, weeping for her daughter. She is lost in the shadows, swallowed by her inner universe, shattered to a million pieces reflecting bits and pieces. She stumbles in her dress, once dark gray, now pale and faded, but doesn’t stop. Her black hair loose, blending into the eternal darkness. Once lavishly decorated, no jewels adorn her now, her neck bare and defenseless. Once the most happy, she now forever mourns her heart, left in the hands of that the most beloved, the one who took it all. In this dark void, the nowhere place, she weeps for her lost child, life and love.

She is the shadow of Anne Boleyn.”

Anne Boleyn by Iris

Rozalba by Madaline

Valentine by KarolinFelix

The Soprano by Miss LK


by Amal

By Emily

by Maura

by Adriatzin

Laila: The Spider Woman by J. David

The grand prize winner will be announced before midnight Pacific time.

Here comes the hardest part.

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My birthday is here, which means the annual birthday contest is also here.


All the entries have been posted online, here.

There are so many great entries that I’m still narrowing it down. A final announcement will be made later today.

Thank you to everyone who entered and to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

So check out the entries and choose your favourites while I choose mine.