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Probably like many other girls, ever since I was little, I was infatuated with the notion of Cinderella’s lost glass slipper. It is probably the most magical and famous fairy tale in the history of all fairy tales, while the image of this supposedly  beautiful slipper is always so elusive and captivating and absolutely irresistible. I have a theory that the reason the tale of Cinderella is the most recognizable fairy tale in the West is because it appeals to feminine sensibilities with a plot line about romantic love, an extreme make over, a family drama and a pair of beautiful shoes. I believe there are currently a multitude of wildly popular reality TV shows concerning those exact same plot points. The formula works.

I always wondered what Cinderella’s extraordinary slippers looked like, and of course I always wanted to wear one of them, just one for some reason, as if the lost mysterious slipper was more magical than the completed pair. And now Cinderella’s lost slipper is found!


I’ve been getting requests to convert a Marie-Antoinette shoe into a pendant by drilling a hole in it, but I found that option undesirable, as the shoe was a bit to wide to hang flat around the neck. So, I modified a shoe by making it quite a bit smaller and narrower, specifically to be worn as jewelry. It can be ordered too!


There are two finishing options for Cinderella Slipper Pendant: in gray sterling silver(above) and in bright sterling silver (below).



There is also a flat-back slipper option, where Marie-Antoinette shoe has been cut in half. The advantage of a flat back slipper is that it sits flatter on the skin because it’s flat on one side. Also, it’s lighter than the full slipper and can be made into earrings. Here is the difference between a full slipper pendant and the flat back pendant:


This is a flat back Cinderella Slipper pendant in action:



There you have it. Cinderella Slipper Pendant.

I’m just about to mail out all the January shoe orders, and if some of you who ordered a pair of shoes want to have a slipper pendant added to your package, I can certainly do that. I only have a few of them on hand though, as this was my first casting. Those of you who were interested in ordering one please email me (inquiries@enchanteddoll.com). All the January shoes are going out tomorrow or Wednesday.

A sterling silver pendant is $120 CAD.

A pair of sterling silver earrings is $230 CAD

Which shoe is your favorite?