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We had a visitor today at the Enchanted Doll head quarters.


I fed it once a few weeks ago, when it somehow ended up on the balcony, and now it comes back several times a day, waiting for almonds. Today it showed up and pressed its little paws on the glass with an unmistakable sense of entitlement, wanting to come in. So, I let him in to the studio. Because who can resist a face like that?


He got comfortable there pretty quickly and hung out with us while we fed him things and eventually had to return to work after taking, like, a million pictures.  It was weird having a wild animal run around and climb stuff while you’re trying to work. It ended with him peeing on the floor and me locking him out. He refused to leave, curling up on the balcony for a while.

He’ll be back tomorrow. I think I’ll name him and then put him on the Enchanted Doll payroll.