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A few months ago I decided to finally create 3-5 pieces of the costumed limited edition of the porcelain doll Dunyazade. I began making this one, and soon discovered that I would be unable to replicate her gorgeous sterling silver accessories such as her belt, her head dress and bracelets again, because I could not purchase the right components anywhere. My best gemstone supplier from India was gone.


After being initially upset, I decided to offer her as a one of a kind doll, seeing how her accessories can not be made again. Aside from my original proof copy of Dunyazade 1, kept in my private collection, this is the only other Dunyazade to be available for sale.


She comes with the original and one of a kind Amethyst and sterling silver head jewels, a new Amethyst, Garnet and Sterling belt, a pair of filigree sterling bracelets, a sterling neck piece and a pair of sterling silver Persian slippers. Her extra long, mohair wig is magnetic and removable and her dress is a silk-like 100% fine polyester with a permanent, UV resistant dye sublimation print of original bead embroidery. It can be washed and ironed if desired. A custom metal stand and an ED tin box are included.


On the one hand, I’m really saddened by the fact that I can’t make Dunyazade as a small limited edition run, but on the other hand I’m almost relieved that I don’t have to do it again because of the complexity of her intricate accessories. I think the universe is telling me in its own language that there should only be one of this doll.



Dunyazade is $19,500 CND

A 3 month payment plan is available on request.

Please email me (inquiries@enchanteddoll.com) if you have any questions.