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I’ve been back from Moscow for a couple of weeks now, resting up after a pretty intense trip. The Salon show was fantastic and the Moscow weather was lovely. Very summer like. I’ve had a very long summer this year, because I caught bits of hot weather here and there in my travels. I’m really looking forward to staying put for a few months and working on a brand new collection.


I wanted to thank all those who came to visit me at the exhibition. Special thanks goes to Dima and Katya-thanks for the wine and a pleasant river cruise, Sasha and Lena-thanks for the roses, Katya- thank you for bringing us Chad’s favorite chocolate truffles from St. Petersburg! Svetlana, thank you for organizing the show, there is just never enough beauty in the world. I hope to be able to attend again.


Hey, what is that? A doll hand zipper pull? :)

While packing for this trip, I noticed that the zipper pull was broken on my favorite sweater, so I attached a bronze hand to it and now I feel like I’m shaking hands with my doll every time I zip. I think I might make some more.

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