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I’m expanding my accessory line based on the fragments of dolls with new face pendants. These silver pendants are made from the face impressions lifted from my dolls: Cinderella and Clymenestra, and adapted for metal casting. The pendants come with a crown bail and an adjustable metal ball chain, but can also be ordered as a key chain, without the bail.




Key Chain.



Pendants $185 CAD

Key chains $170 CAD

To order, email

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Chad put together some video clips he took during the “Buried Treasure” photoshoot from the other day. The clips were taken with the intention of showing some “behind the scenes” footage, since it’s not everyday you bury a doll in the sand.

You can see the video on Vimeo

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Good news everyone!

Due to many requests, printed aluminum accessories can now be ordered. Just in time for Christmas. These are double-sided, full color prints on aluminum, with images of Enchanted Dolls on the front and a brand logo on the back. The prints are permanent, non-fading and water resistant.
There are 22 designs to choose from, in any of the following options: Key chains, Dog tags and Deluxe pendants with a silver crown bail.


Deluxe pendants with a crown bail.


Key Chain


A standard ball chain comes with the dog tags and deluxe pendants. It’s 30″(76cm) long, but can be adjusted to any desired length. The silver Satellite chain featured in the photographs is not included, but can be purchased separately for $22.00 CAD. Chain Length is 15″ (38cm).





1) Dog Tag with ball chain $12.50 CAD
2) Key Chain $13.50 CAD
3) Deluxe Pendant with silver Crown bail + ball chain $28.50 CAD

The silver Satellite chain featured in the photographs is not included, but can be purchased separately for $22.00 CAD.

Please choose a design or two or several here……and email to order.

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I buried a doll in sand today. Then I dug her up, pretending that I was finding a precious, lost relic.


This photo shoot was for a project I’ll tell you about later. I would never do this with a resin doll, but porcelain doesn’t get stained by dirt or scratched by the soil particles, so it was relatively safe. However,  I was a little concerned about it getting inside the spring mechanism and between the joints, so I chose to bury her in sand as opposed to soil, because the grains are larger and can be  vacuumed out once they dry. I was able to brush most of the sand off her skin pretty easily, but she still needs a wipe down and a vacuum. She sounds worse than she looks, because her joints grate with the sand stuck between them. But she’ll be alright. It was a fun experiment.