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I am both delighted and a bit surprised to announce that the entire first edition of the Enchanted Doll art book has sold out before it even went to print!

Now that the manuscript is at the printer’s, it feels strange to not be working on it, as it has consumed most of my time for the past several months. I was so committed to it, that I actually felt a little bit lost on the first day after it was done. I was walking around my house and thinking that I should be typing something.

And now, after all that time being frustrated and pulling my hair out and swearing to never write/design/publish another book ever again, I feel strangely compelled to  make another book. This time, a fairy tale of some kind. Yup, I’m definitely making another book. I have decided.

I think I will need to take a break from authoring books for a few months, though (it’s exhausting), and make some dolls! Yea-Yeah! And plan some shows! And do other things! And possibly travel a little bit! I am getting a cabin fever after 4 months in the studio….I’m thinking, South America and the Himalayas…ok, my mouth is running away with me here…it’s just too excited.

In the meantime, stand by for the announcement of the upcoming, 4th annual Enchanted Doll birthday contest.

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Hey folks!

Great News! After much refining work, my book is going to print tomorrow. I’m so excited and relieved. When I got the first proof in December, it already seemed complete to my eyes but my wonderful editor has been kind enough to find and eliminate a whole bunch of errors in the text. Together, we polished it and refined it and cleaned it and improved it until I almost went crazy, but the manuscript is now truly perfect. Despite hating her a little bit at times during the process, I am truly grateful to have had her on board for this project. Thank you, Lindsay.

The printing and binding will take three weeks, and at the end of February we expect to begin shipping out the books to you guys! The edition is almost completely sold out, but there are still a few books left for those yet to order one. UPDATE: The first edition of the Enchanted Doll book has sold out!