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So, I think it’s pretty cool that my doll Cinderella has been chosen to grace the Spanish language cover of the New York Times bestseller novel Cinder: The Lunar Chronicles, written by Marrissa Meyer.

I just don’t know which cover I love more, the original English version or the Spanish one, featuring my work. They are both so pretty. The publishers requested to use my work for this title a few months ago, but due to the chaos of releasing my own book, I totally forgot about this one until a fan had recognized the image on the cover in Barcelona and written me recently.


The novel is a futuristic fiction about a cyborg girl from New Beijing who struggles to overcome her circumstances and discover her purpose in life. Although I haven’t read it myself yet, it sounds like a pretty intriguing take on the traditional fairy tale. If any of you here have read this book already, I’d love to hear what you think about it.


I love the back cover too. I’m very pleased altogether.

Anyway, thought I’d share this little bit of news while I’m signing my own Enchanted Doll books and shipping them out. My wrist is so busted from the repetitive motion, that I now have to break up signing sessions into just a few dozen copies at a time and take long breaks. You will be receiving a confirmation email before your copy is mailed to you. If you haven’t received a confirmation yet, don’t panic, it just means your copy is still being prepared for shipping. Thanks for your patience everyone. You won’t be sorry.

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You’ve seen this sterling silver lantern featured in my latest project The Muse of Art Nouveau. I’ve been wanting to make a tiny lantern for doll ornamentation for a year or so before I was finally able to find the time and put the work into making it.


My sketch was heavily inspired by an actual street lantern in Nice. When I saw it, it took my breath away and I resolved to make a little replica of it. I think I have a thing for lamps and lightscaping, because my place is lit by over a dozen different table lamps. I really hate the harsh ceiling lights, and prefer the warm, muted glow of lamp-lit interiors.


I made detailed schematics for computer rendering. If the scale allowed it, I would have carved it myself, but I found it impossible to translate the richness of the ornamentation of the original into a miniature scale with my human hands. In some ways it was harder than just getting right down to it and carving away, because instead of working organically and relying on my own instincts and my hand-to-eye coordination, I had to approach it from a geometric and mathematical standpoint. I had to transcribe the shape from my imagination as accurately as possible, to make the technician understand exactly what I had in mind.


In some ways, working out the precise measurements of each part was pure torture. Every few hours I would find a mistake in the proportional calculations, lose my composure, curse and yell at the graph paper in frustration, throw my pen against the wall and curl into an upright fetal position in my chair, rocking and crying quietly. Then I would put myself back together and begin measuring and drafting my model all over again.


When the model was finally built, molding it was another can of worms while nearly half of the models fail to cast properly due to the extremely technical casting, but I really love the result and the effort that went into creating it. I had made one into a pendant for myself to wear. I frequently catch myself touching it and pretending that the tiny lantern is some sort of an ancient talisman which allows one to see things hidden from human eyes as it illuminates a path through the dark maze of its wearer’s subconsciousness.

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To many people, this pose has become synonymous with James Cameron’s dramatization of the Titanic disaster in film, and by extension Titanic itself. The film made it so real, that I find it difficult to separate the authentic from the imagined. And I’ve been hearing that some people hadn’t even known that the film was based on history.

One hundred years ago today, the Titanic ocean liner has sunk on her maiden voyage in the Atlantic ocean, taking 1514 people down with her. For 73 years no one knew exactly where she lay, until she was found in 1985 and the world was captivated by the tragic and  hauntingly beautiful photographs of Titanic’s wreck.

One of the images from the deep, was a porcelain doll head resting on the silty bottom, lingering sadly on, while the girl who had once loved it was long gone. This image is so poignant and profound, that it inspired me to work with porcelain. I was intrigued by the longevity this material offered and was eager to create dolls that could outlast generations, underwater if necessary. In fact, seeing this photograph was so influential for me, that I have a chapter in my book dedicated to it.


The doll posing as Rose is my second rubenesque doll. Her name is Aurum, which means Gold in Latin. She is mine. And very photogenic.

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Greeting Collectors! I’ve completed a new doll for the Flawless show at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. She is The Muse of Art Nouveau, featuring the very first Rubenesque body and face, as well as that special new crown I had mentioned a few weeks ago.


Her price is €18,000. Please, inquire at the Strychnin Gallery for the availability of this piece.


A Muse is an ancient goddess of inspiration and creativity. She is a personification of humanity’s relentless pursuit of beauty and self-expression.

My own little porcelain Muse is created in the aesthetic of Art Nouveau, drawing from the romanticism and nostalgia of the turn of the century Paris as the city of lights and art. Her feminine, voluptuous form and a magnificent sterling silver crown were inspired by my favorite artist Alphonse Mucha, whose unique and unforgettable artwork embodies the very essence of Art Nouveau, having originated the movement itself.

The Lantern pendants on the other hand, are based on a beautiful antique street lamp in Niece, which takes my breath away. Like tiny beacons of light, these lanterns adorn the crown of my muse and captivate the attention of wondering minds, providing them with guidance, knowledge and enlightenment.

May she bring inspiration and beauty to those who seek it!


She certainly inspired me! Her presence hovered over my shoulder for many months as I worked on her, and now she is finally real and I feel rejuvenated and inspired to create more as if my mind is on fire! I’m quite proud of the entire piece, but particularly so about the little lanterns. They are a dream come true. I based the design on a real street lamp, created schematics and sketches, while the actual model was built by a computer mill. It took nearly 3 months. My technician had said that it in all his years of doing it, this was the most difficult, challenging and exciting project he’s ever done, which I took as a compliment.


This unique crown is the first in the Lantern Series, which I expect will keep me occupied for years to come.



Ball-jointed porcelain doll 14” (37 cm) tall, china paint, natural mohair, industrial grade steel springs, leather; Sterling silver crown №1 in the Lantern Series, lost wax casting, construction, 3 Iolite cabochons, 3 pearls set in sterling silver, cubic zirconia crystals; Custom-welded, flexible stand; Decorative reclining dais embellished with 6 hand-sewn velvet pillows.

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Well, it’s been a long wait and a lot of work, but it was all worth it. I am very pleased and excited to finally unveil to you my new curvaceous doll – The Rubenesque!

Now, before I hear another word (!!!) about how she is not technically, and I quote “fat enough” to be called a Rubenesque, please allow me to point out that the dictionary definition of Rubenesque states that it is: “Plump or rounded, usually in a pleasing or attractive way”. Now, look at the comparison of my two dolls and tell me that she is not pleasantly rounder than my other doll. I rest my case. She IS a legitimate Rubenesque.


She is also slightly taller than my first doll. The feet are the same size though, as are the hands.


I haven’t had a lot time or space to photograph her in a variety of poses or settings because my studio is filled with stacks of books and boxes right now, but sometime this week you will get to see more of this doll. In a brand new head ornament I made for her. It’s pretty awesome. You’ll see.


This very FIRST Rubenesque doll will be available for sale from the Strychnin gallery at the end of the month. More information and pricing coming in the next post.


So, tell me. How do you like her compared to my slimmer doll?

Like her, love her or, dare I say it, hate her?

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In just a few days, I’m going to unveil my new curvaceous doll! Maybe tomorrow or the day after, or perhaps in thee or four, or five days….once I finish shooting her. Are you excited yet?

This is the first official shot of her, inspired by a very classical, if not cliche composition of a reclining nude, particularly Jean Ingres’s painting The Grand Odalisque. The old masters sure loved painting reclining ladies in various stages of undress, and what’s not to love here? I’m very excited to show you the rest of her.


I’d love to hear your opinions about her form.

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…And boxing them up for shipping into custom boxes with a custom stamp. Chad had the boxes made, while I had the stamp carved. I sign them, he packages them. That’s the division of labor in our relationship. He also does the cooking. Cha-ching!


Anyway, when you see this box in the mail, you’ll know what’s in it. ;)

Now back to signing.

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Greetings collectors! It’s been a long wait, but the first edition of the Enchanted Doll book has arrived! I hope you are all as excited about it as I am.

We’ve been sorting them out all day today, and I hope to sign and ship out the first 150 copies to you guys by the end of this week, and tackle as many more as possible over the long Easter Weekend.


Shortly we will begin sending you confirmation emails regarding the shipping status of your copies. If you bought a copy but haven’t made any shipping arrangements yet, then please email at your soonest convenience. If you didn’t buy a copy, I’m sorry to say that the first edition has been sold out, and we want to get this edition taken care of completely before moving on to a second edition.

They are coming!