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Well, it’s been a long wait and a lot of work, but it was all worth it. I am very pleased and excited to finally unveil to you my new curvaceous doll – The Rubenesque!

Now, before I hear another word (!!!) about how she is not technically, and I quote “fat enough” to be called a Rubenesque, please allow me to point out that the dictionary definition of Rubenesque states that it is: “Plump or rounded, usually in a pleasing or attractive way”. Now, look at the comparison of my two dolls and tell me that she is not pleasantly rounder than my other doll. I rest my case. She IS a legitimate Rubenesque.


She is also slightly taller than my first doll. The feet are the same size though, as are the hands.


I haven’t had a lot time or space to photograph her in a variety of poses or settings because my studio is filled with stacks of books and boxes right now, but sometime this week you will get to see more of this doll. In a brand new head ornament I made for her. It’s pretty awesome. You’ll see.


This very FIRST Rubenesque doll will be available for sale from the Strychnin gallery at the end of the month. More information and pricing coming in the next post.


So, tell me. How do you like her compared to my slimmer doll?

Like her, love her or, dare I say it, hate her?