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Greeting Collectors! I’ve completed a new doll for the Flawless show at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. She is The Muse of Art Nouveau, featuring the very first Rubenesque body and face, as well as that special new crown I had mentioned a few weeks ago.


Her price is €18,000. Please, inquire at the Strychnin Gallery for the availability of this piece.


A Muse is an ancient goddess of inspiration and creativity. She is a personification of humanity’s relentless pursuit of beauty and self-expression.

My own little porcelain Muse is created in the aesthetic of Art Nouveau, drawing from the romanticism and nostalgia of the turn of the century Paris as the city of lights and art. Her feminine, voluptuous form and a magnificent sterling silver crown were inspired by my favorite artist Alphonse Mucha, whose unique and unforgettable artwork embodies the very essence of Art Nouveau, having originated the movement itself.

The Lantern pendants on the other hand, are based on a beautiful antique street lamp in Niece, which takes my breath away. Like tiny beacons of light, these lanterns adorn the crown of my muse and captivate the attention of wondering minds, providing them with guidance, knowledge and enlightenment.

May she bring inspiration and beauty to those who seek it!


She certainly inspired me! Her presence hovered over my shoulder for many months as I worked on her, and now she is finally real and I feel rejuvenated and inspired to create more as if my mind is on fire! I’m quite proud of the entire piece, but particularly so about the little lanterns. They are a dream come true. I based the design on a real street lamp, created schematics and sketches, while the actual model was built by a computer mill. It took nearly 3 months. My technician had said that it in all his years of doing it, this was the most difficult, challenging and exciting project he’s ever done, which I took as a compliment.


This unique crown is the first in the Lantern Series, which I expect will keep me occupied for years to come.



Ball-jointed porcelain doll 14” (37 cm) tall, china paint, natural mohair, industrial grade steel springs, leather; Sterling silver crown №1 in the Lantern Series, lost wax casting, construction, 3 Iolite cabochons, 3 pearls set in sterling silver, cubic zirconia crystals; Custom-welded, flexible stand; Decorative reclining dais embellished with 6 hand-sewn velvet pillows.