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Hey folks!

After much debate, I’ve decided to make the silver lantern pendant available to order. It wasn’t an easy decision, because this piece is quite difficult and time consuming to make, requiring a special assembly and a technical casting. But, having gotten a bunch of requests for it, I think I can pull off a very limited number of orders per month.


I love this Lantern and wear it as a reminder of the things I’ve already done and those I’ve yet to do. It helps me stay focused on my priorities, because whenever I get distracted or lazy, its weight on my chest reminds me that there are still too many dreams yet left to pursue to be lying around on the couch. To me, this little Lantern is a symbol of inspiration, guidance and direction. It’s a beacon of light and hope in a relentless pursuit of happiness which constitutes the essence of life. Perhaps my little charm would mean something profound to you as well.



Metal: Sterling Silver

Weight: 26 grams

Size: 2″x 1″ (5.1 cm x 2.2 cm) + 3/4″ (18mm) crown bail

Price: $350 CAD

Comes with a crown bail and an adjustable ball chain seen in the picture. Production time is 4-6 weeks. Email me if you are interested in having it made at inquiries@enchanteddoll.com, with a subject line of Lantern Pendant.

Also, which one of the four pictures is your favorite? I can’t decide which one to make the principal shot and need your input.