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Finally! Enchanted Doll introduces a very special, limited edition doll Echo!

Echo is a unique, fully costumed, ball-ball jointed porcelain doll, limited to just 5 pieces. All five, wear different, one of a kind, ethnic headdress, each one created in a different aesthetic tradition. Other features include two pairs of interchangeable feet and two pairs of ornate silver shoes, a printed costume with individual accents of bead embroidery and Swarovski crystals, magnetic mohair wig, a custom stand and a beautifully upholstered tin box.

Originally I was planning to make 30 Echoes, but decided to stop at five, having realized just how labor intensive they are.


This is Echo â„–1. I named her Orchid Echo.

Orchid’s floral crown was inspired by the traditional Kingfisher hair ornaments of the Qing dynasty.

Each flower in this crown is cast in sterling silver and enameled to resemble the color of Kingfisher feathers. The composition is accented with two pendants, 12 corals, 10 turquoise, 6 Opalites and golden disks.

She has been completed first and already SOLD, but the remaining 4 Echoes have yet to be unveiled.


To make this edition even more special, I’ve customized five tins with luxurious fuchsia lining, tasseled pillows and 5 discreet but secure safety snaps to hold the doll in place. A precious bed, for a precious doll.


Remaining four Echoes will be unveiled one by one this week, until all are revealed!