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More pictures, you say? Well, you got it. Enjoy.


This cape was designed in the spirit of Art Deco. I definitely had Erté on my mind when making it, but then again, I always have Erté on my mind. His work is a part of me. Same with all of my inspirational artists and experiences. It’s hard to tell where they end, and my own vision begins.


I wanted to introduce a contemporary, urban element into the cape by adding a front pocket to it. And then negating that, with the decidedly non-urban tassels. I think they kind of clash with each other, but also complete each other somehow. It’s an urban couture-art deco-medieval fusion I’ve got going here.


The basket is made from polymer clay and reinforced on the inside with leather, for extra strength. I decided to upgrade the archetypal peasant basket look to something more refined and elegant, matching the luxurious cloak. Something more along the lines of a couture fashion bag.


I’ve always wanted to make a tiny little muff. I’ve got a taste for it with this project. I’ve come down with the MMMM syndrome; Must. Make. More. Muffs.


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At 3 years old, I first heard the tale of the Little Red Riding Hood. At 6 years old, I made my first jointed doll. At 10 years old, I promised myself that one day I’d make a beautiful Little Red Hood doll. At 30 years old, I finally made it. It took me 27 years to go full circle. I feel like I’ve touched the origin of my being.


Do you want more pictures?

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I made this guy as an experiment. My lovely Arum is modeling it. This Silver rhino beetle has 8 legs, assembled from 3 different beetle species. The articulated vertebrae tail is detachable. It actually belongs to another project of mine, but I attached it to the bug out of curiosity and loved the look of it. Because, why not?





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Took some more pictures of my new doll with the new double jointed hips. I had her doing Yoga for some shots. She is too flexible!





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Hey guys!

I am so very touched by your concern for my well-being. Thank you! My family and I are fine. The disaster in Russia hasn’t touched us. Thank you for being so alert and concerned.

My absence usually means that I’m simply buried up to my ears in work. I’ve been so busy with some new projects, that I just realized I never posted any group shots of Echos. Please enjoy them in the meantime.




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The Second Edition of the Enchanted Doll book is sold out at this time. For those of you that ordered it, they will not be available for shipping until at least mid-August (they are still being printed). You will be contacted by email when your copy has been sent out.

Thanks to everyone that ordered!