Daily Archives: July 30, 2012

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More pictures, you say? Well, you got it. Enjoy.


This cape was designed in the spirit of Art Deco. I definitely had Erté on my mind when making it, but then again, I always have Erté on my mind. His work is a part of me. Same with all of my inspirational artists and experiences. It’s hard to tell where they end, and my own vision begins.


I wanted to introduce a contemporary, urban element into the cape by adding a front pocket to it. And then negating that, with the decidedly non-urban tassels. I think they kind of clash with each other, but also complete each other somehow. It’s an urban couture-art deco-medieval fusion I’ve got going here.


The basket is made from polymer clay and reinforced on the inside with leather, for extra strength. I decided to upgrade the archetypal peasant basket look to something more refined and elegant, matching the luxurious cloak. Something more along the lines of a couture fashion bag.


I’ve always wanted to make a tiny little muff. I’ve got a taste for it with this project. I’ve come down with the MMMM syndrome; Must. Make. More. Muffs.