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Wow… what a show! The Piceno fashion doll convention had wrapped last night, and I can honestly say that I’ve never  been to an event like this before – I thought it was a bit atypical for a doll convention, as it was jam packed full of entertainment, dinners, performances and celebrations every night. We even had a private audience with the mayor of the city, who welcomed us in the ancient town hall, and fireworks at the end of the show. It was simply fantastic to see people from different parts of the world and life, all united by Dolls.


And Italians seem like such warm and jolly people! At one point during lunch at a large table, full of laughing, talking and gesturing people, who passed plates full of food to one another, I had a very surreal feeling that I was in a movie. It was lovely and I shall never forget it. Italy, you were so good to me!

More shots can be found on flickr

A big, huge thanks to all the organizers of this event, especially to Rosalie, Nikis, Pamela and Martina.