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Hello Contestants!

Thank you for your wonderful and timely contest entries! The contest was supposed to close today, but after several requests from contestants whose cards got caught in mail limbo, I decided to keep it open until Monday, March 3rd to give everyone who tried, a chance to participate. Good luck to the remaining entries.


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…was a little bit scary. It took us a whole day to get it right, and I was on edge the whole time, afraid that we were just one toppled candle away from a photo shoot of Snow White’s funeral pyre. Like Daenerys Targaryen, the doll would survive the flames, but her dress would not. All went well though, and sometime after it was over and the candles were out, Chad was finally able to pry the fire extinguisher out of my white-knuckled hands.


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Another year-old sketch of a Lantern-related head ornament. I’ve since had made a version of it, but not this version.


It’s high time I revisited that idea.


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Hey there, Enchanted Doll lovers! The Annual Enchanted Doll birthday contest is under way, with over a hundred entries received so far! The entry criteria is simple this year: Send me a travel post card to enter an Enchanted Doll. The deadline is Feb 28th.

The contest has been a blast. Every morning I wake up and look forward to receiving a new batch of cards, wondering which new places I’ll get to see today. My mail man is starting to get a bit weird-ed out and amused. Although hand-made was not a requirement, I am surprised just how many cards I’ve been getting, were hand crafted. Thank you for making that extra effort.

I look forward to more cards tomorrow! Keep ’em coming!